Excavator smoke, how be to return a responsibility?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Recently many owners friend asked his excavator smoke a lot, don't know what's going on! Small make up today on this issue to sort out some of the answers, hope to help you. Excavator smoke may be an external manifestation of combustion of fuel in the cylinder is not sufficient. From three aspects: 1, air intake enough: check whether the valve clearance within a reasonable range, valve clearance without causing inlet pressure etc. and quantity is not enough; If there is a blocked air filter. The supercharger is damaged, cause insufficient intake pressure; 2, inferior quality of diesel oil, diesel oil pump and nozzle wear; 3, injector wear: spray too much, lead to insufficient combustion. Requires engine cylinder experiment, service personnel, please check whether due to nozzle wear. Below we give an example to explain the failure phenomenon: put 1 digger diesel engine at idle speed (high 2085 r / min) Exhaust exhaust smoke when working. Manipulation of the bucket rod mining operations, 'suppress car phenomenon in a diesel engine, its speed and immediately fell to 1764 r/min. Excavator to car smoke any troubleshooting to rotary electromagnetic valve plug is installed on the electromagnetic valve, shunt, with the main pump hydraulic system pressure relief. Then diesel engine speed to high idle state, detect unloading hydraulic system pressure (normal 3. 9MPa) Indicates a joystick in, the diesel engine without load, there will be no 'suppress car' phenomenon. Install 1 in fuel fine filter output pressure range of 0 ~ 0. 6 mpa pressure gauge, using hand pump, oil pump is measured with the oil pressure is normal, 0. 22MPa) , there is no blockage indicates fuel fine filter. In the outlet of the turbocharger installation 1 0 ~ 0. 6 mpa pressure gauge, when high diesel engine idle speed measuring intake supercharging pressure (normal 0. 03MPa) 。 Manipulation of the excavator bucket rod digging, and make the hydraulic system & other; Pressure-out & throughout; To the overflow state, booster inlet pressure to zero. 11 mpa, fuel fine filter output pressure drop to zero. 06 ~ 0. 16MPa. Indicates the supercharger working properly. Remove the fuel injection pump high-pressure tubing, put the throttle control lever in the position, quickly with manual pump pump oil, fuel fine filter gauge pressure is zero. 225 mpa, the oil from the fuel injection pump high pressure oil. The above inspection instructions for fuel pump delivery valve seal failure or the oil valve spring failure. Install adjusting pad at the end of the oil valve spring, with a manual oil pump, the oil valve no oil spill phenomenon. Overhaul diesel engine fuel injection oil, found the first Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, there are a lot of carbon deposition on Ⅴ cylinder fuel injector. New fuel injector after commissioning, diesel engine smoke and suppress phenomenon. Excavator suppress car smoke failure analysis of the diesel engine work for a long time, the fuel injection pump out the oil valve spring force is not enough, cause the fuel injection pump delivery valve seal failure, lead to the fuel injector at the end of the injection not quickly cut off, injector produce drip phenomenon. Drop the fuel injector can't complete combustion, exhaust smoke, and suppress the car. In addition, the wear caused by impurities of fuel injector, jet fuel atomization, fuel cannot complete combustion, suppress the car is more apparent.
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