Excavator slewing unable to do, collar teach you how to solve

by:HMB     2021-01-12
Construction of excavator, the rotary weakness, low work efficiency, and affect the construction schedule. Shaft sleeve small make up a simple analysis of excavator slewing unable to reason and solution. Excavator slewing unable to fault mainly displays three different forms: 1, excavator work platform speed is less than 6 r/min; 2, a sudden stop moving suddenly appeared, namely, rotating platform excavator discrete rotation; 3, excavator to slow development speed, the phenomenon such as lack of power construction. Excavator maintenance is the most important three parameters: operating weight ( Quality) The engine power and bucket capacity. 1

collar failure cause analysis. Input the energy of the hydraulic motor is reduced, the energy is difficult to overcome the resistance of the platform rotation, will appear to stop. 2, hydraulic motor & other; Crawling & throughout; Make the system unstable oil pressure, oil pressure instability is mostly due to the system in the air, 3, the hydraulic control motor rotational resistance analysis of the causes of excessive lead to motor itself is low mechanical efficiency;

collar the proposal checks excavator hydraulic motor fault solution 1, relief valve, concrete steps as follows: (1) test tones of hydraulic motor under the valve actuating valve; (2) the nut, the relief valve used within the six-party wrench screw rotate structure adjustment, 2 per rotation to produce a ring can change the pressure of work. 345MPa。 2, check the hydraulic motor and mechanical transmission parts, shaft sleeve suggested concrete steps are: (1) if the test set pressure reducing valve hydraulic motor is 9. 8 MPS, description & other; Creep & throughout; Is hydraulic motor rotating platform of mechanical friction resistance is too large, hit a hydraulic motor shell, if the feeling of hot, described excessive friction in the hydraulic motor, prove that it is made of & other; Crawling & throughout; Should be the cause of the troubleshooting.

2. If there is no normal temperature of the hydraulic motor, transmission box and the place such as rotary reusable fingerprint temperature environment, or by observing the lubrication management; 3, if there is a high position, feel very poor lubrication, suggests that most & other; Crawling & throughout; The cause of the problem, that is, the friction resistance is too big, should be eliminated.

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