Excavator slewing support sound, how to deal with?

by:HMB     2021-01-17
Excavator operations can be moved around is known to all, without turning device, and the slewing bearing is an important part of excavator attachments, rotary device is mainly used to support the body quality and work under load. Because of excavator slewing bearing are generally large load operation, combined with the working environment is bad, so the slewing bearing is easy to fail, the most common symptom is appear all sorts of sound.

so, what causes the excavator slewing bearing appeared sound, and how to troubleshoot? Follow excavator attachments small make up to get to know. First, you need to clear the factory newly slewing bearing idling, uniform ball rolling noise, it belongs to the normal noise; If the installation soon, a tiny sound does not matter, in turn in after a period of time will automatically disappear. So today is important to mention the content of the sound is bigger and more special sound.

first, mounting surface uneven, installation bolt looseness in the event of a sound, you first need to confirm the question of whether or not to belong to install the operating. When the installation surface is not usual, cause negative gap formation, resulting in a sound; When the gear meshing, it also can produce sound, also causes broken teeth fault; In addition, when the installation is loose, resulting in rotary bearing elastic deformation, deformation location produces negative clearance, need to immediately check and tighten bolts as required.

second, there's a foreign body in rotary bearing when the slewing bearing has the foreign bodies such as sand, iron filings, the cyclical vibration will happen, at the same time also with fault rotation is not flexible. When encounter this kind of situation, need to bearing, axis, before installation hole and suitable excavator parts clean, cleared of lubricant in foreign body; Remember to avoid the use of material is not pure or foreign bodies are embedded plastic cage, so as to remove the corresponding sound.

third, grease problem caused by the lack of grease inside different ring raceway, uneven filling grease, poor quality of aging, lubricants selection error conditions can also cause excavator slewing bearing, such as sound. To solve the problem, need to use lubricant, filling in time, change in time to solve.

4, sealing strip breakage sound check sealing strip caused by wear and tear. Because the rotary bearing structure of the sealing strip plays an key role in sealing, when sealing strip and rotary bearing can't fully fit, easy cause leakage of grease. In addition excavator attachments sealing strip material's resistance to aging and yellow oily, is another issue to consider.

5, serious wear and tear of raceway and rolling element excavator appeared in the process of turning sound, is likely to be severe wear of rotary bearing raceway and rolling element, the need of slewing bearing for repair, replacement of damaged excavator accessories.

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