Excavator screw rust? Shaft sleeve small make up a coup!

by:HMB     2021-01-16

I believe many of excavator machine Lord had screws rusty screw not come down, please, believe that there are also many owners will use the rust remover to rust removing, but sometimes, rust remover is not necessarily so. So in addition to rust remover, there are some other methods. Shaft sleeve small make up adjusted, to give you up.

1, the diesel lubrication

collar small make up that the diesel lubrication this way is good, but diesel easy to form the oil film between the screw and material, then it is not easy to penetrate, if a little bit long time, this method is good a choice.

2, borehole

use iron to drill in the middle of the screw drill hole, and then screw loose quickly, can easily put the screw twist. Shaft sleeve small make up thought it need operating precision, and the way to directly damage the screw, also is not a good solution.

3, welding

conditional excavator machine Lord can on the screw welding on a piece of iron or screw, so can increase torque, and then easily unscrewed the screw. But, this kind of circumstance is screw is larger, and no flammable items. So this is not all-powerful.

4, vibration

this method of excavator machine Lord certainly is not a few, but in fact the also have vibrations. But this kind of impact way also has adopt the principle of inertia factors, vibration and inertia, two factors together on the rusty screw, effect nature where is not bad. But collar small make up remind you this kind of method of screw Angle or a word or cross has certain harm, basically to unload the screw cannot be used.

5, heating

collar small make up believe this way many owners also used, but on the excavator by burning more dangerous, if the objects down to burn a line still, if directly on the excavator, especially near the engine parts, such risk is relatively high, so be careful. In addition, if there is plastic items, this method is not feasible. Burn after a period of time, and then pour some water on the screws, remember is screw on, but not all pour water, then can reduce the difficulty of the unscrewing. This is to use the principle of heat bilges cold shrink.

6, water

use tap water rinse, generally can contain certain acids in tap water, and the acid could react with rust in the water, it will produce certain gaps between screw and object. Rust remover is generally more expensive, but also to remove the rust in flushing, effect is better, so that it is more trouble, so less direct use tap water, cheap, and rust removing effect is good too.

7, beat

vibration method is commonly used a method of tapping screw, let the screw a bit, then twist. Such an approach is, indeed, makes sense, because when tapping screw will shock between materials and products, and then produce gap, then a loose you. However, this method also has some shortcomings, that is if you knock the cross screw, it is easy to cross on the cross screw is damaged, are more likely to increase the difficulty of the screw down. So this method is suitable for hexagon screws, etc.

collar small make up friendship prompt: believe that a lot of people used oil or cooking oil this kind of method, but the effect is not very ideal. This is because, the concentration of the oil or cooking oil is higher, higher viscosity, it is easier to form oil film, more conducive to lubrication, suggest oil lubrication, so try to use diesel or gasoline. 【 Bushing manufacturer 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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