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by:HMB     2021-01-21

bushing manufacturer: in May 2018, included in the statistics of 24 major total sales of all kinds of excavator excavator manufacturing enterprises 1. 90000 units, up seventy-one percent from a year earlier. 3, at the same time, this sales have more than 1 June 2010. Around 60000 units, its history in the same month highs; 1 - In may, excavator accumulative total sales of close to 10. 60000 units, up sixty percent from a year earlier. 2, only more than 10000 sets gap compared with the same period in 2011, in the context of current trends, the year sales volume is expected to hit a record high.

in June 2017 to May 2018 in excavator sales situation

from the brand competition, trinity sales of more than 4300 sets, may account for twenty-two percent of the total sales. 4, to held the top spot; After the caterpillar and xugong sales are more than 2500 sets; Sales in more than one thousand units and doosan, which makes and liugong.

this year in May, before the market sales of the first six trinity juki brand, in order, caterpillar, xugong, doosan, liugong and makes, compared to a year ago, on the list of domestic brands increased from 2 to 4.

collar manufacturers look from the overall trend, market concentration continue to rise, the first four brand share from fifty-five percent in May of last year's fifty-three percent increase since years ago. Domestic brands accounted for ascension, from fifty-four percent in May last year's fifty-two percent increase since years ago.

look from tonnage, small (in May 13 tons and below) Large, medium and dig ( 30 tons and above) Sales of about 9100 units, 7500 units, 2700 units, accounted for forty-seven percent, thirty-nine percent and fourteen percent in turn. Further subdivided, 19. 5 <一顿; 24. Dig in May, a total of 9 tonnage range of selling nearly 5000 units, accounting for twenty-five percent of total sales. 7. 5≤ 一个≤ 6 tonnage interval and < a≤ 13 small tonnage band digging selling nearly 4500 units and nearly 4000 units, respectively.

bushing manufacturer from regional sales, in May, shandong, jiangsu, henan, sichuan, anhui province sales breakthrough 1000, 11 provinces sales in more than 500 units.

before may, jiangsu and shandong in 7400 sales of the top two, sichuan, henan, anhui, henan, hubei province sales in more than 5000 units.

in May, 1523 sets of excavator exports, up ninety-five percent from a year earlier. 3; In may, before the excavator exports nearly 7200 units, doubled year-on-year growth.

in June 2017 to May 2018 excavator on export sales situation

before may, small, medium and big dig export sales of about 2100 units, 3600 units, 1400 units, including 19. 5 <一顿; 24. 9 interval were exported more than 2900 sets, accounting for almost forty percent of total exports.

bushing manufacturer from single machine sales performance, in May, before the trinity SY75C - 10 leading to about 5000 sales, sales of the top ten model of trinity of five models, xugong two paragraphs, doosan, caterpillar and makes each one. Trinity SY75C each brand column a is as follows: - 10, xugong XE60D, caterpillar, 305. 5 e2, doosan DX55 - 9 c, which makes E660F. 【 Bushing manufacturer 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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