Excavator safety operation

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavators, also called mining machinery ( 挖掘机械) , also known as excavator, is higher or lower than scoop mining machine surface material, and load transport vehicles or discharge to the stocking yard earthmoving machines. Excavator material is mainly after pre loose soil, coal, sediment, and the soil and rocks. With below small make up together and see used excavators should pay attention to what matters, job preparation: 1, read carefully the excavator related instructions materials, familiar with the use and maintenance of vehicle conditions; 2, the details about the construction site task situation, check excavator soil firmness and smoothness of downtime. When mining excavation, trench, check the cutting and grooves slope stability; 3, it is strictly prohibited to any personnel stay in working areas, work place should be easy to dump truck; 4, check the excavator hydraulic system, engine, transmission, brake device, rotary device and instruments, meters, can only after confirmed by the test run and normal work. Second, assignments and travel requirements: 1, before the start of operation should be signal; 2, homework, should pay attention to choose and create reasonable working face, it is forbidden to cut hole digging; Forbidden to excavator in two mining face and homework; It is strictly prohibited in the power lines and overhead homework; 3, homework, ban literally adjust engine, governor and hydraulic system, electrical system; Ban with dipper break or broken in rotary machinery way solid objects; Ban or bucket cylinder with dipper stick jacking excavator; Prohibited by mining mechanical arm is located in the lateral weight; The work device of the ban for mining in the form of a sudden drop; 4, excavator shall be carried out in the car to a complete stop before loading, unloading, in the case of do not touch any part and car, bucket should be lowered, and banned from the bridge over the bucket; 5, when hydraulic excavator working, hydraulic oil temperature should be between 50 to 80 degrees. Machine before use, if the below 20 degrees, must carry on preheat operation; Reach or exceed 80 degrees, should stop heat dissipation. After three, job requirements: 1, walking excavator, specialist command, and with the high tension line distance shall not be less than 5 meters. Forbidden to walk backwards; 2, on the downhill walk should low speed, vehicle, prohibited glide and variable speed; 3, excavator parked position and the walking route should keep a safe distance with the road, ditches, foundation pit; 4, excavator parking in slope, bucket must be on the ground, all operating lever in the median; 5, after work, the fuselage confirmation, should put the shovel in the ground, and all the lever in the neutral position. Each place the brake, after good mechanical doors and Windows closed, the driver can leave.
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