Excavator rookie mistakes, most easily in your gun?

by:HMB     2021-01-31
Every novice excavator are easy to make mistakes, there are a lot of new precaution maintenance point of view, although we intensified the efforts on maintenance of excavator, but due to lack of experience, often into the erroneous zone, can actually make excavator is damaged. Small make up today summarizes new fan's most easily several errors, you have a look, these pitfalls, you made? 1, screw, screw tight screw is excavator nots allow to ignore the small parts, in order to ensure that parts do not fall off, mining machinist need check excavator screws, tighten lax screws or be replaced. But excavator novice always too cautious and sometimes think screw screwed tight, the better. Actually such blindly increasing the screw torque, which not only make the screw interface stress caused by deformation, also can make the screw thread due to excessive tension slip wire broken or screw. So the beginners in the process of screw down the screws, it is important to note that the strength of the medium. 2, the tyre high many machinist will find themselves in the process of operation had a flat tire, this phenomenon is often because tyres for a long time without charging. Low tire pressure, tire body shape change, cause aging of rubber and cord fatigue, increase the outer epidermis of tyre wear. And because the tires to soften, and the ground contact is overmuch, can cause tire rolling resistance increases, the wear and tear. But in the process of aeration, if tire pressure is too high, can make the tyre surface tension under high, when contact with the ground against the impact resistance is abate, easy to cause damage of tires. At the same time, tire pressure is too high, can make contact with the ground is too small, lead to skid. 3, new battery directly use many mining machinist after buying the phone, because the new fault less, always directly driving excavator. Actually novices ignores the excavator battery, new excavator used for the first time the charging the battery life of influence is very big. Driving excavator for the first time without the battery recharged, can lead to battery capacity lack, shorten service life. Should be in accordance with the provisions after filling the electrolyte battery, with a small current charging for about 1 hour. 4, cooling fan belt tight summer, temperatures and some novice excavator and cool, always will be cooling fan belt tension, such not only won't actually improve the cooling effect of the engine, can also cause damage. Because the belt can make belt stretched too tight, down for a long time also can make the fracture belt, shorten the service life of the belt. More seriously, because of belt tension is too large, also can cause the generator, water pump bearing load is too big, wear, increase engine trumpet. So beginners should be in accordance with the relevant provisions in adjusting cooling fan belt to correct adjustment. 5, the hydraulic oil change is not completely excavator on the components of the hydraulic oil for very much, need to replace the hydraulic oil has many operation. When the hydraulic oil by use of time is too long metamorphic need to change, many beginners mistakenly believe that only light oil in the hydraulic oil, fill it up with a new hydraulic oil. But at this time in hydraulic tubing and fluid control valve still has a lot of old hydraulic oil, residual oil equipment when using the old and new combination can accelerate the speed of the new oil deterioration. Experience is accumulated step by step, at the same time, many novice for don't understand or overcorrect mentality, easy on the excavator maintenance into the erroneous zone, this paper summarizes these errors of demonstration, have you ever made?
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