Excavator 'role' transformation, cannot leave the excavator parts quick connector

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Excavator Quick connector accessories, and the label in joint, English translation word Quick Coupler. Excavator quick change connectors can be quickly installed on excavators various configuration accessories such as digging bucket, scarifier, broken hammer, hydraulic shear, grasp wood, stone, etc. , can enlarge the excavator use scope, make excavator & other Multiple roles throughout the &; Conversion. And can save time, improve work efficiency. A: excavator quick connector categories: divided into mechanical and hydraulic excavator quick change connectors. 2: excavator quick linker introduction: ( 1) Use high strength material, 20 m high strength plate, South Korea, China adopts Q345B plate ( 2) Suitable for 4 - 50 tonnage of various models; ( 3) Use hydraulic controlled check valve safety device to ensure safety; ( 4) Excavator configuration without modification, don't have to remove the pin shaft can also change, so the installation is rapid, can greatly improve the work efficiency. Three: hydraulic working principle of the quick change connectors, JT hydraulic quick change connectors is primarily by oil cylinder movement counter shaft 1, 2, fixation and release. When need to change the situation of the working parts, oil cylinder, hooked briquetting from 1 to 2, the location of the movement out of the quick change connectors, switch to other working parts, hook type briquetting for good after the pin shaft, oil cylinder and then opens, hooked briquetting from 2 to 1, the location of the movement of work parts for locking pin. Except, of course, this was the external circuit and electromagnetic valve to work at the same time. Four: mechanical working principle of the quick change connectors, mechanical quick change connectors domestic manufacturer of the main products are divided into two kinds, one kind of bolt type, a screw. Bolt type, for example, when working parts need replacement, wedge card out first, will knock down inside, T buckle ( T buckle can be smoothly the red part press block to recycle, here in the face of the welding request is higher, slide rail welding not level off, at the same time polishing not clean, red briquetting action is difficult to smoothly. ) Quick change connectors away from the bucket. When to working parts of the need, T buckle back, wedge card into T buckle lock.

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