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by:HMB     2021-01-15

because of temperature plateau:

in the summer, many drivers master excavator parts manufacturer for encounter the problem of high water temperature of the engine, and the seemingly simple question is often let drivers master to do. That is what causes the engine water temperature is high? And how to effectively solve the problem?

the first thing we want to know, the engine at work, no matter size, speed, load the surrounding atmospheric temperature, cooling water basic remain at 80 ℃ Between 90 ℃, if beyond this range will cause the engine overheating, involved in power decrease and a series of unhealthy phenomenon.

then we want to clear, common reasons of the water temperature is too high: excavator attachments fan belt rupture, and blockage of the water tank failure of poor cleanliness, thermostat, water pump. But still continue to use for a long time after the water temperature is too high, not only damage to the engine, can also directly to the engine cylinder gasket directly impact fault, bring big loss to the user.

excavator parts cylinder pad structure and materials:

cylinder pad for structure and material requirements are more demanding, in under the condition of high temperature and high pressure and high corrosion gas with sufficient strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, can have certain elasticity compensation in combination with surface roughness, in order to ensure the seal service life is long, there are metal cylinder with asbestos pad.

excavator parts cylinder pad if damaged, inhaling the mixture of engine in the process of compressed will leak, light person cause engine powerless, the person that weigh will cause the engine compression ratio is not enough and not ignition can not start ( Also common single cylinder ignition severe appeared idling engine wobble and low-speed weakness) 。 And there is no cooling water (the easiest way to determine Antifreeze) With oil and cooling water consumption too fast, the water temperature is high.

open the tank cover, add water to the surface can be seen in the tank, you can see the surface with a layer of oil ( This is the engine oil lubrication cylinder, piston when the piston upward movement of compressed gas pressure of inlet channel into the cooling system) 。 cylinder pad damage may appear shortage or lack of oil, water, oil, white oil or oil inlet and exhaust pipe take white smoke, cylinder pad is burnt out will appear.

if the two cylinder cylinder wall is breakdown will be getting sound engine, power declined obviously. If the channel is breakdown, the water temperature will be significantly increased and even boiled, etc. A small amount of water from the exhaust pipes, white smoke, if there is oily liquid tank, the description is excavator accessories cylinder pad water crossings in damage, with water in the oil that is oil cylinder pad damage of crossing place.

excavator parts cylinder pad early damage phenomenon of the tank cover with black sludge, but the antifreeze is not necessarily can see engine oil, exhaust pipe can see water, cover oil with water or milk white grease, see the oil filling holes can see valve chamber cover is stained with paste material, check the water tank, in the morning from tank radiator cap can't see the antifreeze liquid or liquid level is very low, vice water tank liquid level drops, machine oil face high and low, cool car is high, low hot car, used to start some sound not ring valve chamber, there are these phenomena can be judged whether the engine cylinder pad damage.

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