Excavator parts winter start difficult? Is not necessarily the fault of the battery of!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

battery is the power of excavator whole vehicle excavator attachments electrical components reserve center, the excavator generator as a power generation system, it always don't provide battery power output. Generator problems once the battery power will quickly dries, whole vehicle electrical components will & other; Strike & throughout; ! The harm is self-evident. Especially winter storage battery performance, plus the generator fault were more likely to lead to start is difficult, to dig the friends greatly influenced the normal construction work.

to solve the failure, must first understand its structure. small make up today give you detail introduce generator fault performance and how to repair.

usually excavator ( Vehicular) Generators are claw pole generator, the engine structure is simpler, inside is mainly composed of the stator and rotor.

rotor is what?

excavator parts of rotor magnetic pole structure of claw pole, which is mounted on the shaft of a claw pole, there are six pole. Within the claw pole of a magnetic field with magnetic yoke and excitation coil, supply power to excitation coil on the rotor shaft has a slip ring. On the rotating shaft to mount another claw pole, make two claw pole staggered.

on both sides after the claw pole, the lines of magnetic force will be walking along the claw pole, for easy to see the lines of magnetic force, the direction of the magnetic field lines instead of red, claw pole to translucent. From the axial can more clearly see 6 of the magnetic lines of force. To excavator parts generator cooling, fixed axis on the fan, this is a complete rotor.

what would happen to the rotor fault?

the failure components of the rotor is usually is the rotor winding and slip ring. Rotor winding fault causes the rotor pole disorder and abnormal heat, so also burned generators, due to the rotor winding carefully, once the damage is difficult to repair, can only replace the excavator parts. Friction slip ring and brush connection, long time can cause contact clearance between parts, brush and slip ring poor contact, current instability.

after the engine starting by excavator parts belt drive the generator pulley, rotor followed turns up, at the same time, the rotor claw will cut the stator magnetic coil, thus produce induced current, induced current through the slip ring, brush to the vehicle power supply.

as the engine of rapid rise speed, slow down, the induced electromotive force ( Voltage) Also with the change, which requires the excavator accessories voltage regulator to limit the output voltage of generator in a certain range.

what is the stator?

the stator is made up of stator winding and stator core. Stator core is good by magnetic conductivity of silicon steel sheet pile, the uniform distribution inside the core with 36 trough, used for stator coil. In excavator parts stator slot inline with the stator coil, a variety of winding of three-phase winding, alternating current (ac) to produce three phase alternating current (ac) or one direction.

the stator's failure is what?

the malfunctioning of the stator coil, generating opportunities for & other; Lack of phase & throughout; In a short period of time will burn generator, if separate coil burned can according to the specifications of the primary coil winding.

how to impose a failure?

generator failure, should check the firmness of the motor belts, to ensure the firmness wants moderate, can appear too loose belt creep, the generator can't normal rotation, too tight will wear in the generator in excavator attachments, and even burning motor.

to ensure that the belt there is no problem, you need to open the generator, the first thing to check to see if rotor, stator coil burn out. Then check the inside of the generator voltage regulator, now on the market of voltage regulator is integrated of excavator fittings, if the fault of the judgment is the regulator, it is ok to change directly.

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