【 Excavator parts 】 What caused the drivers engine speed down, how to do

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Excavator use after a long time, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, may be failure, if use the excavator engine speed down, how to do? Small make up to discuss with the excavator parts manufacturer. Excavator engine speed down summary for the following reasons: 1. Excavator diesel line fault cause, when the diesel congestion, may cause drooping phenomenon. 2. Drivers of the hydraulic control system malfunctioned, makes the hydraulic pump can change to normal displacement and cause the system pressure is too high, slow down may lead to suppress machine failures, at the same time. 3. Excavator engine itself insufficient output power, output power is lower than the rated power, rotate speed is too low. Main pump has problems. 4. Engine using fuel quality too poor or fuel moisture content is too high, will cause the engine power is insufficient, lead to falling speed phenomenon. 5. When the air intake system leak or block can lead to a lack of supply of engine, which leads to the incomplete combustion of fuel, about speed, black smoke failure. 6. Because the electromagnetic valve clearance is too large, makes the system oil supply capacity is insufficient, which can cause the car engine speed. 7. Supply circuits of the fuel system or loose fittings pipe burst, causing fuel leak or blocked, causing oil supply is insufficient, in addition to the flame speed can also cause problems. 8. Slow down fault reason analysis and many of us, such as electronic valve clearance can be wrong, fuel injection timing is wrong, the case of damage of the turbocharger, there was something wrong with the brake and so on. Check what caused the engine speed down gradually, so, how should solve? Small make up to get to know with the excavator parts manufacturer. 1. First, check whether excavator use diesel metamorphism, whether there is impurities in the oil, check whether the oil is blocked. 2. Check the drivers of the engine valve working gap size, check the size of the automobile engine speed. 3. Check the admission line, clean up the environment air prefilter and after entering into the air cleaner element again to start the car engine. 4. To examine the engine work for students, whether engine system fault cause drivers to slow down. 5. Also need to electronic control, hydraulic systems, fuel systems, etc. 6. Have damaged or worn excavator attachments, change in time.

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