Excavator parts: understand the six questions about filter, little detours!

by:HMB     2021-01-14
Our family car will expire and maintenance, replacement filter, excavators, too, to a certain time limit will be maintenance, replacement of filter. So how filter change, change what is better? Today excavator attachments solution filter replacement for you. A filter is used to filter out into the sundry, valve accessories, such as the filtering precision shall be the 10 ~ 15 & mu; M, and can satisfy the load on the road and shock wave pressure, the pressure should be less than 0. 35MPa。 Excavator maintenance before understanding the following six questions about filter core, little detours!

1, under what circumstances, need to change the oil filter, fuel filter element? Fuel filter core is to put the fuel in the iron oxide, dust and other impurities, avoid blocking in fuel system, reduce the mechanical damage, ensure the smooth operation of engine. Normally, the engine fuel filter element replacement cycle change operations for 250 hours, for the first time in every 500 hours operation after the change, should according to actual fuel quality grade is different, spirit to grasp the change of time. When the filter barometer alarm or light abnormal pressure, need to check the filter if there's any abnormal situation, if you have, be sure to change. When the filter element surface for leaks or cracking deformation, need to check the filters if there's any abnormal situation, if you have, be sure to change. 2, whether the oil filter filtration precision, the higher the better? For an engine or machine equipment, have an appropriate filter core, filtering precision filtration efficiency and capacity should be achieve a balance between ash content. High filter precision filter core, will be because of the low capacity of ash quantity of filtering core causes a decline in the filter element of life, then improve the oil filter is blocked early hidden trouble.

3, machinery and equipment, has passed the warranty period, and use fixed number of year for a long time, is it necessary to apply high quality filter element? The old machinery and equipment of engine is more easy to damage, leading to the engine cylinder. Thus old machines need high quality filter to smooth live slowly damage, keep the use of the engine performance. 4, and inferior engine oil and fuel filter core and authentic engine oil on the effect of machinery and equipment have what different? Authentic engine oil and fuel filter element can reasonable maintenance excavator attachments, increase the use of machinery and equipment period; And inferior of engine oil and fuel filter element can't better maintenance of excavator attachments, unable to increase the service life of machine equipment, and even worsen excavator application status. 5, the application of high quality engine oil and fuel filter can give excavator produced what benefits? Application of high quality engine oil, fuel filter element can be a reasonable increase, could the excavator to reduce part of the repair cost.

otherwise, you will be forced to spend huge cost to carry out repairs, or you had earlier will lose your engine scrap. After application of authentic filter core, can ensure that you take the total operating costs ( Maintenance, repair, depreciation of equipment overhaul and total cost) Is low, and it also can prolong the service life of engine. 6, filter element need to cheap price, can be well installed on the engine is ok? The design of the filter element in order to maintain the engine system, if the use of filter element performance cannot meet the technical requirements and lose filtering effect, so will significantly reduce the use of engine performance, and reduce the service life of the engine. In front of the excavator maintenance, explore issues relating to the above six filter, hope to be of service, reduce unnecessary spending.

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