Excavator parts to move, let you have the 'right-hand man'

by:HMB     2021-01-14
Contract work assignments, in addition to the human, you will also need a & other; Right-hand man & throughout; , that is the excavator. Has a powerful excavator, can make the construction schedule greatly improved, on the contrary excavator is not to force, construction schedule will be discounted. Excavator give not to force it remains to be seen whether you maintain it. So, how to maintain? to teach you a few action.

classification of excavator excavator, depending on the size of the excavators can be divided into large excavators, medium-sized excavators and small excavators. According to the different way of walking, excavators can be divided into crawler excavator and wheel excavator. According to the different way of transmission, excavators can be divided into hydraulic excavator and mechanical excavators. Mechanical excavators mainly used in some large mines. According to the purpose, excavator and can be divided into general excavator, mine excavator, Marine excavator, special excavator etc. Different categories. According to the bucket, excavator and can be divided into shovel, backhoe excavator, shovel excavator and shovel excavator. Shovel is used to dig more land rights table above materials, backhoe excavator under the surface of the material used for mining.

choose suitable excavator according to above excavator is divided into so many, no matter what you normally engaged in the project, should be carefully considered all drivers need to take the job, in the face of condition, and then select an appropriate drivers. Drivers world & other; Big & throughout; Is not always the most effective choice. According to your actual condition, the same drivers may undertake a variety of work, in order to maximize yield and efficiency of the equipment. The important thing is, when you do the work plan, will take these factors into consideration, the habits you choose, is not necessarily the most appropriate yo.

protect key drivers excavator accessories chassis, axle and external tooling these key components selection, also affect the life of your drivers. For instance, when choosing equipment, whether you know it's the size of the hydraulic flow? Is it true that your drivers and tooling match? Can ensure that they achieve good matching, prolongs the service life of hydraulic system and excavator spare parts, tooling. also advised you in harsh working conditions, pay attention to protect good equipment chassis and axle, they are also the most important part of equipment operating costs, so prolong the lifecycle of the chassis components, avoid series excavator parts damaged, can also help reduce your overall operating costs.

as planned maintenance daily lubrication for prolonging the life of the equipment and the excavator attachments is also very critical. You in the process of routine maintenance, also had better pay attention to the detection under the tires, common tools, and other key parts excavator attachments whether there is any wear and tear. If there is liquid leakage occurs, or the abnormal noise and noise, should cause you additional attention.

adjustment of extreme maintain mining opportunities in the face of all kinds of working condition, if your project is facing extreme condition, you may also need to adjust the maintenance schedule, to reduce the impact on your device. For example, in the dust to be especially serious condition, you may need to replace the air filter more frequently, and use the prefilter. Parts and chassis, should get the same attention, to reduce the extremely hard, rough, or wet material effect on the equipment. That is the choice of excavator and daily excavator accessories maintenance points, to do this, I believe you will to a & other; Right-hand man & throughout; ! ! ! !

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