【 Excavator parts 】 Tips: how to deal with excavator engine water temperature high!

by:HMB     2021-01-20
The temperature rising, especially in southern China has amounted to 25 degrees. For extensive friendly machine, however, will also face the problem of high water temperature of the engine. Below, the excavator attachments small make up just to tell you in high water temperature should be how to deal with.

first, after high temperature alarm, machine friends don't rushed down immediately, would like to engine speed adjustment to the idle standby work 3 - Five minutes after being cooled sufficiently to stall. Must not continue to construction in the engine under the condition of high temperature, it will cause sintering engine bearings, engine internal excavator attachments excessive wear, and even serious fault of engine scrap. Next, according to the high temperature reason, item by item, trying to identify the problems:

1, check the coolant fluid level, check the cooling fluid is less obvious, such as less, right amount add.

2. Check coolant metamorphism. Such as metamorphism, clear channel after the change of antifreeze.

3 oil, check the oil level. If too little oil, add or replace.

4, check for foreign bodies blocked water radiator, radiator air duct blockage, all to clean up.

5, check whether the fan blade deformation, and the air volume is too small, or replace the fan or adjust the strap.

6, check whether water temperature sensor and circuit short circuit or open circuit.

7, overhauling thermostat, observed in the hot water thermostat opens. If not open properly, the replacement of the thermostat. reminded, if the above steps still can't solve the problem, want to find a professional maintenance master to solve in time.

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