【 Excavator parts 】 These techniques for excavators fuel do you know?

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Excavators and driving their cars, but also can be fuel-efficient driving skills, but also may reduce the damage of excavator attachments. 1, don't be invalid action excavator operations repeated digging, some invalid operation action will cause 100% of fuel, as a digger driver should be in accordance with the actual construction scene design work, adjust height of drivers homework, try to avoid invalid action. 2, load don't overweight drivers to have its own load standard, digging job would cause more than standard load pressure, increase fuel consumption, avoid overload drivers can save a lot of fuel, not letter you try. 3, don't idling engine drivers under idling condition is meeting & other Secretly & throughout; Produce fuel consumption, for example: one 20 drivers work 8 hours, which even to a 1 hour idling fuel consume small 20 kg! So, don't let the engine in the idle state. 4, to reduce the engine speed when excavator high engine speed, walking speed will be accelerated, fuel consumption will increase, instead of low engine speed walking condition than high speed when the fuel consumption is relatively low. 5, the depth of the bucket pole assignment control excavator with big arms and operation scope of bucket have bigger difference, if we can adjust the arm Angle work scope for the inside of the 30 degrees, the far side of 45 degrees to fuel economy, rather than the bucket stick to the end of the cylinder. 6, reduce homework spiral Angle, and a method of more fuel-efficient is reduces the excavator and loading operation of spiral Angle, improve the efficiency of the burn up by shortening the operation cycle. 7, regular cleaning dirt every time after the end of the project in time clean up sticks in the walking device of soil, soil deserve would virtually increase fuel consumption, excavator accessories manufacturers therefore to remind the machinist must form the good habit of walking regular cleaning dirt. 8, Angle control mining excavator operations don't start the bucket rod telescopic scope to 90 degrees, although the power of the cylinder pushing drivers most at this moment, but fuel consumption is big also, if you put your arm work around a 80 degree Angle adjustment, fuel consumption is relatively small. 9, in order to save time, save trouble, pay attention to the mining province strength method do you want to know? Then remember when digging ditches from first start on both sides of groove to mining, hold good mining order, reduce fuel consumption. 10, mining and reduce the operation scope of mining operations do not think that range from bottom to top big operation can improve the work efficiency, on the contrary increased range, drivers power decreases, fuel consumption will increase, at this time should take 3 sublevel mining method of operation, can save a lot of oil.

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