Excavator parts, the fraud tips you must know!

by:HMB     2021-01-18

nowadays, cheater is pervasive, excavator industry fraud tricks to make a lot of friends and dig the creeping hard for years to save savings are likely to just go in, how to avoid being cheated? And listen to the excavator attachments small make up for you. Ask for referral fee

price satisfaction, living is good also, time is very long, the commission is not high, feel good, everything is a request, to give cash, this are a liar.

as long as the out-of-town drivers

many local drivers and machine to other places to do it. Possible for lease in the local reputation, has been to find drivers, only from the field equipment.

engineering information is not clear don't chu

want to know the detailed information about the project, don't wish to say more, feel each other or prevaricated gu said he left, nine times out of ten in this case is a liar.

the local owner does not want

if you learn about the local owners are not willing to go to work, even if prices are again good also don't go to the the muddy water, they don't always have they don't go, you a abroad and don't understand, the machine will likely not come.

legal procedure is not complete

involves breaking, roads, reclamation of these projects, must each other to show the government approval, legal formalities must complete, otherwise don't dry, risk is too big!

for lease party for personal

if it is found that for lease party is not a company, it is personal, and car rental, and not to the rent and deposit, must be careful. There was news, someone & other; Have the white Wolf & throughout; , recruit to drivers to mortgage, machine be illegal detention, cause huge losses to owners.

don't want to sign a written contract

leasing industry is usually oral agreement, in the event of dispute, it is very difficult, so, as far as possible is to sign a written contract, if you are asked to sign a written contract, the other comes up and then also carefully, it will be likely. Adverse repair shop

bad repair shops will pay more attention, some may exaggerate the fault severity, said the little problem into a big trouble, let you change the assembly to earn high profits; Also some will be shoddy, with deputy factory excavator attachments as original factory; What is more directly replace your computer factory when he's open car parts sales again. So, you must be vigilant and careful maintenance.

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