【 Excavator parts 】 Sorching summer, excavator air conditioning

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Sorching summer, may say that people go cannot leave the air conditioning, and often in outdoor homework excavator. Today excavator attachments manufacturer's talk digger air conditioning those things!

air conditioning not refrigeration summer in high temperature and high humidity period many site will choose to shut down, to prevent heatstroke accidents. Every year in the summer heat construction, machinist high temperature heat stroke, excavator failure, even machines such as spontaneous combustion problems often occur. Even at lower temperature while you work in the morning, also cannot leave air conditioning, so want to continue the construction, excavator air conditioning refrigeration effect must be guaranteed. Lift the summer can also smooth construction, excavator accessories manufacturers of small make up to introduce today is that once the drivers don't air conditioning refrigeration, how to repair. Fault phenomenon: excavator air conditioning refrigeration effect is very poor ( Almost equivalent to blow breeze) , but other each work is normal, and the southern sauna weather, air conditioning refrigeration poor words couldn't continue the construction.

failure cause analysis: first of all think of air conditioning is not cold may be the following reasons: 1, the compressor does not work or compressor damage, air conditioning refrigeration, certainly not the failure reason is common year longer drivers, many owners will also buy a few hundred dollars to thousands of yuan in summer compressor to cope with the construction. 2, fan doesn't work the same cause excavator air-conditioning. 3, is probably the lack of freon refrigeration biggest reasons, if sure is freon lack, on the market more than ten dollars to a few dollars a bottle of freon can easily buy, loaded with convenient and inexpensive. 4, condenser fault can also lead to air conditioning refrigeration is ineffective. 5, air-conditioning filter blocked can also be caused by air conditioning refrigeration is ineffective.

screening process: 1, first check the air conditioning compressor is working correctly, check and found normal. 2, second check the blower, through inspection found that the wind sends out the air blower, the blower work without exception. 3, tests whether missing in the air conditioning in freon, through inspection is not short. 4, because of the large local flocculant catkin Yang, but found no impurities clogging on the radiator. 5, check the air conditioning filter blockage. Through inspection has a lot of dust blocked filter, which is the root cause of the air conditioning refrigeration effect is ineffective, replace the air filter after trial run normally.

summarizes the role of air conditioner filter can not only filter the impurities and dust in the air, can effectively guarantee the excavator air conditioning wind effect, excavator accessories factory remind: the replacement cycle, must change in time, if the local sand, dust is bigger, so to take into consideration the change in advance. Under normal circumstances, one year a air conditioning filter must be replaced and never think less air conditioning use at ordinary times, can delay or simply do not change, otherwise maybe air strike fault occurring will appear on your excavator. Excavator accessories manufacturers in this remind you, in the summer air conditioning is one of the important equipment, man-machine water run must ensure its normal operation. 【 Mechanical 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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