Excavator parts small make up to you to distinguish the differences of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor

by:HMB     2021-01-13

hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is an essential part of each excavator hydraulic excavator attachments, structure and working principle are similar, a lot of people are easily confused. What is their similarities and differences?

excavator accessories hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump similarities:

1, the working principle of the point of view, both the change of work is to use the seal volume of oil suction and discharge of oil. Working volume increasing, while for excavator accessories hydraulic pump oil absorption, reduced working volume discharge high pressure oil. For hydraulic motor, the increase of working volume into the high pressure oil, when the working volume reduced discharge of low pressure oil.

2, structurally, the two are similar.

3, in principle, excavator accessories hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump is reversible, if using motor drive, the output is a hydraulic energy ( Pressure and flow) This is hydraulic pump; If the input pressure oil, is the mechanical energy output ( Torque and rotational speed) , into a hydraulic motor.

excavator accessories hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump difference:

1, usually hydraulic pump working speed is higher, and the hydraulic motor output rotational speed is low. In addition, excavator attachments of the gear pump oil suction mouth is big, oil discharge piece, and the gear motor, discharge of oil absorption the same size.

2, the volume efficiency is lower than the hydraulic pump of hydraulic motor.

3, excavator parts in addition to the hydraulic motor oil into and out of outlets, and separate oil spill mouth; Hydraulic pump is generally only into, oil outlet ( Except for the axial plunger pump) , which leaks oil and the oil inlet is same.

4, the turning of the hydraulic motor output shaft must be able to forward and reverse, so the structure is symmetrical; And some excavator accessories hydraulic pump ( Such as gear pump, vane pump, etc. ) To have a clear rules, can only unidirectional rotation, can't change the direction of rotation.

5, excavator accessories hydraulic pump is energy device, and hydraulic motor actuators. Hydraulic pump is the motor of the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy conversion device, the output flow and pressure, want high volumetric efficiency; Hydraulic motor is the pressure of the liquid can be converted to mechanical energy device, the output torque and rotational speed, want high mechanical efficiency.

dig my dear friends, can tell me now? of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor as an important hydraulic elements play a different role, they have in common, is different, also can supplement each other, closely cooperate. Science popularization is here today, thanks to dig the friends to share!

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