Excavator parts small make up teach you how to properly choose the bearing

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Bearing types varied grade, today, the excavator accessories small make up teach you how to correct selection of bearings, hope to help you! When the choice mainly consider the following factors: 1. Bearing load bearing of the size, direction and nature of load is the main basis that choose bearing type. ( 1) Load size and nature of light load and medium load elected ball bearing; Overloading or shock load, should choose roller bearing. ( 2) Pure radial load, load direction can choose deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearing or needle roller bearing. Pure axial load, can choose thrust bearing. Both radial load and axial load, when the axial load is not too big, can choose deep groove ball bearings or contact Angle smaller angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings; When the axial load is bigger, can choose larger contact Angle of the two types of bearings; If a large axial load and radial load is small, small make up recommend excavator accessories can choose thrust angular contact bearings, also can use the centripetal bearing and thrust bearing with supporting structure.

2。 The speed of the bearing ( 1) Priority is high speed ball bearing; ( 2) Inner phase at the same time, the smaller the diameter, centrifugal force is small. In high speed, appropriate chooses super light, light series of bearing. ( 3) Thrust bearing limit rotational speed is low, the high speed friction heat is serious, if the axial load is not very big, small make up recommend excavator accessories can use angular contact ball bearing or deep groove ball bearings to withstand pure axial force. 3. Self-aligning requirements when due to factors such as manufacture and installation error of the shaft center line and the center line of the bearing is not coincidence, when the axial stress caused by bending bearing inner and outer circle axis deflection occurs, appropriate chooses self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearings.

4。 Allow space when the radial space is limited, can choose needle roller bearing or light, super light diameter series of bearing. Axial size limitation, can choose width size smaller, such as narrow or narrow width series bearings. 5. Installation and removal of the bearing seat is not split along the axial bearing installation and must need frequent bearing in the mechanical installation, should first selection of inner and outer separable bearing ( Such as 3, N, etc. ) ; When the bearing on the long shaft installation, for ease of installation bearing inner ring for the taper hole (optional The rear code 2 K) 。 6. Bearing tolerance grade tolerance grade are divided into 6 level: level 0 ( Regular grade) , 6, 6 x, level 5, grade 4 and grade 2. Common minimum, the highest level 2. The most widely used o levels. Choose zero tolerance level for most of the mechanical bearing enough to meet the requirements, but to have strict requirements of machine tool spindle rotating precision, precision machinery, instrument and the high speed rotating shaft, excavator parts small make up recommend using high precision bearing.

7。 Price bearing type is different, the price is different also, lowest price deep groove ball bearing, roller bearing than ball bearings price is high, the centripetal angular contact bearing is higher than radial bearing contact price. The higher the level of tolerance, the price is more expensive. On the premise of meets the requirement, should try to choose low price of the bearing. Above is the main consideration when bearing choice, excavator attachments small make up hope to help you choose bearing.

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