Excavator parts small make up take you find is not the same as 'it'!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

excavator in addition to the basic function of mining, there are more features, excavator parts today small make up take you know it is not the same side.

broken broken hammer

excavator hydraulic broken accessories, alias & other; Large steel teeth & throughout; , regarding the project needed. Again hard stone, in front of it and also can only kneel for mercy.

fluid pressure shear

great forcible entry rescue tools one of the products, it is like a big mouth to bite something, generally is mainly used to open floor, also used for dismantling the car more metallic materials such as machinery.

pine earthenware

when digging bucket is not, as I want to hammer is so easy to waste, the scarifier turn appeared, it is used for rock excavation have crack, breakage of permafrost, also used to excavate the asphalt pavement. Dynamic ram of vibration

is used to consolidate the ground, according to the excavator tonnage adapter, how excavator used how much ram. Loosely serene encounter it becomes really tightly, concave convex convex also immediately it smooth.

catch wood

is divided into mechanical, scratching wood and rotary wood. Suitable for scrap metal processing, stone, iron and steel scrap, sugar cane, cotton, timber loading and unloading and handling. At present domestic port to use it more. Cut rock loader

excavator attachments of the rock drill is used to direct the exploitation of stone tools. It on the rock drill hole, in order to put dynamite to blast rock, thus complete mining stone or other regarding the project.

grid, dou

are commonly used to clean up the canals, pond sludge or garbage. Water outflow from the grid, dirt in grid dou inside, so it is very convenient to split water and dirt.

type bei dou

type excavator attachments bei dou, also called grab cupule. Mainly used in railway, shipping dock, coal field, mines and other fields of coal, sand, sand, silt load, ore handling operation, high construction efficiency.

professional brush slope r

someone named for its & other; The plane bucket & throughout; Such digging bucket, so to speak, dig a v-shaped groove machine, particularly suited to use brush groove on both sides of the slope. Can be used in water conservancy, road, pipeline trenching work conditions, etc. small make up think this is a rotatable scoop, good to brush slope, brush slope is the savior of the people.

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