Excavator parts small make up summary: image of the industry in 2017!

by:HMB     2021-01-17

the first phase of the excavator parts small make up to push an article 'the end of the hard money mess & ndash; When will a few reasons for this change! Drivers, reflects the general status of finished work hard for money, yesterday the boss for small make up comment, poured out as a excavators of the difficulty of the boss, small make up to see the eye is painful in heart:

1. Buy drivers were tricked into

buy drivers, too believe that man, put the money to call the salesman also mortgage, result to leave sales volume, drivers in danger of dragged away, my tears & hellip; …

2。 Fix the drivers are pit

when drivers, because do not understand maintenance is often the repairman pit, in a pile of excavator attachments, tens of thousands of a pit.

3。 Looking for engineering are fool

look for engineering, talk about the contract, party a is the big ye, gifts PeiXiaoLian, with large work for several months, are party a's legendary relatives to skip.

4。 Lending money seduced

into the construction site, to 80% and immediately you are done, say good project completion to tens of thousands of sent, looking for party a, one day tow one day, finally go away.

5。 To earn money often lives on the line

floor, a mountain? This job do you do, don't have no money also loans, can only take risks to do, is a point on the lick blood, an accident, not only lose everything, even life got into it.

6。 Give money also ask for

make drivers boss, is called the zhang li always mr. wong, actually is almighty, they knew would be boring machine, maintenance and excavator parts is broken to find a repairman, someone else is too busy to site too far, also have to ask for money to fix it.

7。 Various costs in all directions to

home to living to find me, drivers have to pay for my, drivers mortgage rush me, maintain go to find me, in all directions to money for me.

8。 Time is a kill pig knife, the knife knife people old!

drivers is bought, spent tens of millions of years of net to make drivers and maintenance, forget yourself, all the small meat has become an old bacon, I see me is angry.

8。 Hard money to the driver to find

class expense falling year after year, the driver wages to rise year after year! Site far don't go, environment is also not to go, to meet the said the driver come away is a headache.

9。 Home and family burden to

a large family, all pointing to himself, he must be a shoulder. Man to 30-40 will find himself a lot of people rely on, and no depend on himself.

excavator attachments small make up want to say is: whether the boss or the driver has its own difficulties, everyone come out is not easy to make money, as & other; A in the same boat & throughout; , everybody should be bulk, as long as you with united, not do to live, also did not get money! Our initiative excavator boss drivers and understanding each other, consciously abide by the moral industry, so the ethos of excavator industry will be better and better!

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