Excavator parts small make up remind: the rise of temperature, excavator you can also use air conditioning

by:HMB     2021-01-18
The earth rejuvenation, the temperature rising, especially in southern China at higher temperature. For the need for a long time in the outdoor construction excavator driver, a cool and refreshing shu shuang driving conditions is particularly important. small make up remind you, after a cold winter, your excavator can also use air conditioning? Hurry to check!

in the hot weather, air conditioning system is an important equipment to ensure drivers can focus on their work. In order to guarantee the normal operation of air-conditioning equipment, and within every 500 hours, please check and cleaning air conditioning filter and radiator, changing air-conditioning outside the filter every 1000 hours, in extreme circumstances should shorten the maintenance period; Please use compressed air to clean air conditioner filter, if the air conditioner filter dirty inside and outside, or damaged should be replaced immediately. At the same time check air conditioning system of refrigerants.

small make up recommend excavator accessories, excavators in long-term storage should be run once A month during the process of air conditioning system, first of all let the cab to heat up, and then open A/C switch, 5 - let the refrigerants in air conditioning system cycle 10 minutes, keep the air conditioning system of the sealing ring in a certain thickness of oil film protection status, to prevent the refrigerant leakage. Air conditioning refrigerant inspection methods: 1. The engine speed limit at 1750 RPM, operating machinery not less than 10 minutes, the system stability; 2. The fan speed to the highest, accelerate the air flow; 3. The temperature control switch to maximum cooling state; 4. Press & other; The internal air circulation throughout the &; Switch; 5. Look from the observation hole bubble flow situation as compared with the graphics in the table below;

excavator attachments small make up remind; In the summer, in addition to air conditioning system and maintenance, excavator accessories details everywhere maintenance also cannot ignore, organic friends share the wheel excavator notice: in the summer driving wheel excavator road in the summer, it is easy to cause tires overheating, higher air pressure, make the rubber of the tyre physics performance degradation, flat tire, such as tire pressure, tire temperature is too high. Facing the temperature overheating, should will continue to drive car in the cool shade again after, can't use cold water to water the tires, blunt water the brake to forced cooling. small make up remind everyone here, each place excavator parts inspection maintenance in advance, so as to avoid failure affect the progress of the work.

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