Excavator parts small make up for you five minutes to understand causes of unilateral walk!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

due to the use frequency is very high, walking excavator system failure and presents the multiple. Today, cause a lot of walking excavator unilateral fault of excavator attachments small make up to focus on walking and walking speed reducer motor fault. Treatment method:

can dig the friends in determining the cause of the problem after the repair or replacement excavator attachments walking motor ( Walking speed reducer)

the motor with pump in the structure of excavator attachments are very similar, as power output device of hydraulic system, it is not like driving hydraulic oil pump, driven by high pressure of the hydraulic oil but the and generate torque and continuous rotary motion

position and structure diagram:

walking motor assembly at the bottom of the excavator, each a left and right sides, direct drive crawler machine can move forward, backward and turning.

the role of excavator parts brake valve:

brake valve including safety oil suction valve, balance valve control when walking motor stops walking due to the inertia of the body to produce the motor and rotary inertia force, smooth braking, make it stop.

excavator accessories hydraulic motor function:

the hydraulic motor for the swashplate axial piston motor, the pressure coming from the main pump oil liquid pressure into rotary motion.

parking brake function:

parking brake play through friction plate brake mechanism to prevent the excavator parked on the ground and cause of the tilt slide, the action of sliding phenomenon, with the hydraulic motor parts into one structure.

1。 The motor assembly

2. Floating oil seal

3. Wheel hub

4. Sprocket

5. Planet carrier

6. Gear

7. Axis

8. Planet carrier

9. Gear ring

10. Cover

11. Gear

12. Gear

1. Cover

2. Spring

3. Nut

4. Nut

5. Screw

6. Spring

7. The

8. Sleeve

9. Plug

10. Slide valve

11. Spring

12. Discharge device

13. Spring

14. Balancing valve

15. Spring

16. Cover

17. O-ring

18. Bearing

19. Spring

20. Valve plate

21. Cylinder block

22. Guide the locator

23. Inclined plate

24. Variable inclined plate

25. Axis

26. Bearing

27. Brake piston

28. Plate

29. Plate

30. Friction plate

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