Excavator parts slewing reducer leakage fault analytical daqo!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

we can often see excavator parts have oil seeping slewing reducer, there are two reasons:

1, slewing reducer rain infiltration to internal, water density is greater than the oil, water sinks and oil leakage.

2, hydraulic oil in the rotary gear reducer, caused by oil, oil increase and in two cases:

1) brake seal aging or damage, the control of the brake mechanism into the reducer.

(2) the slewing reducer motor shaft seal aging or damage, the shaft wear and tear, the motor of the hydraulic oil in the reducer.

know excavator attachments slewing reducer

when we from the oil drain of reducer, release gear oil, we can judge is increased oil, or water increased.

brake institutions oil

brake institutions oil to the excavator parts within the slewing reducer, it is very common situation, also we focuses on the object of this time, we need from the slewing reducer remove the brake mechanism, and decomposition.

when we from the slewing reducer braking mechanisms before, need to pay attention to:

1) boom must be placed on support platform.

2. If there is other parts excavator attachments need maintenance, you must open the leg to the right position, the vertical arm frame or support to the ground.

note: after remove the brake mechanism, lost brake boom, boom will be because of inertia, moving in the lower side, caused serious rollover.

the principle of braking mechanism

1, the excavator parts within the slewing reducer gear oil out.

2, put the motors.

3, the brake mechanism to be removed.

4, the following figure out calories spring.

excavator attachments brake in-house

the axis of rotation and brake pads

increase oil & ndash; — Motor oil

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