Excavator parts scoop to maintain, you do the right thing?

by:HMB     2021-01-17
Excavator is higher or lower than scoop mining machine surface material, and load transport vehicles or discharge to stocking yard of earth moving machinery, has become one of the main engineering machinery in engineering construction. Excavator digging bucket actually not difficult to operation, but the excavator digging bucket accessories maintenance problems a lot of people, implement a regular excavator maintenance aims to reduce the drivers fault, prolong the service life of the excavator. But in the process of practical maintenance, part of the master maintenance is not on, often maintain a & other; Damage & throughout; 。 Today, the small make up just to give you take stock & other; Damage & throughout; The practice of excavator, together and see it! 1, the start method is undeserved cause serious damage to the machine, some drivers for quick start engine, often using anhydrous start ( First start, then add water) Abnormal startup method. It will cause serious damage to the machine, shall be prohibited from use. The correct preheating method is: first the heat preservation quilt on the tank, open the drain valve, continuous injection 60 - to the tank 70 ℃ clean soft water, touch feel hot water flowing from water drain valve, then close the drain valve and shipped 90 - to the tank 100 ℃ clean soft water, and turn the crankshaft, make each moving part properly lubricated beforehand, and then start again. 2, random selection fuel to reduce the engine life, increase the damage probability of winter low temperature keep the liquidity of diesel, viscosity increases, spray powder not easily, cause atomization, burning, resulting in a decline in the power performance and economic performance of the diesel engine. So the winter should choose and ignition performance good light diesel oil with low freezing point. General requirements, the freezing point of diesel engine should be lower than the local lowest temperature 7 - the current season 10℃。 3, use naked light baking oil sump or burning machine, light machine wear in order to avoid making within the oil sump oil deterioration, even burning, lubrication performance degradation or complete loss, exacerbating excavator attachments wear machine. Winter should choose low condensation point of the oil, startup can be closed to water bath heating method is adopted to improve the oil temperature. 4, do not pay attention to the body heat preservation to reduce the working life, damage to the engine low winter temperatures, easy to make the diesel engine work excessive cooling. So the thermal insulation is the key to good winter with diesel engine. In the north, the winter use diesel engine shall be equipped with heat preservation and insulation curtains and other protective equipment. 5, low load operation machine caused by serious wear was burning diesel engine start, some drivers can't wait to immediately load operation. Diesel engine fire soon, because the body temperature is low, oil viscosity, oil is not easy to filling the motion pair of friction surface, can cause severe wear machine. In addition, the plunger spring, valve spring and injector spring because & other; Cold short & throughout; It is easy to break. To correctly maintain excavator digging bucket accessories, don't let the wrong maintenance becomes the origin of the damage to the machine.

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