Excavator parts safety valve sometimes not safe! Why is that?

by:HMB     2021-01-14

filed excavator parts safety valve may be unfamiliar, but when it comes to overload ( The overflow) Valve, oil mouth overflow valve, or secondary batteries, you may have some impression. Excavator common speed is slow, boring or hydraulic blowout lever, oil cylinder bending is caused by the relief valve failure, speaking of which, we must have a kind of enlightened feeling, once the failure problem, today finally found the answer.

few words said, excavator parts manufacturer for everybody below detailed introduction of the relief valve and its fault solution, I believe you will be full of harvest.

meet safety valve

excavator parts of the relief valve installed in the main control valve ( Distributor) , is located in the movement to the side of the valve stem. The relief valve and cylindrical in shape like the main relief valve. The difference between the top of the adjusting screw. The relief valve has a thread, the main relief valve has two threads. On the set pressure value, the relief valve set pressure value is higher than that of the main relief valve.

to steel SK200 - god 8, for example, excavator parts standard quadratic overflow the main relief valve pressure is 37. 8 mpa, the relief valve set pressure is 39. 7 mpa, rotary motor overflow valve pressure value is 29 mpa, walking motor overflow valve pressure standard is 35. 8 - 37. 8MPA。

in general, relief valve does not participate in the work, so the relief valve pressure measurement is more special, cannot be directly measured with table, need to improve the main relief valve pressure beforehand, excavator attachments above the safety valve set pressure, can measure the pressure setting of the relief valve.

the relief valve working principle

excavator attachments every action has a safety relief valve, safety valve is a kind of overflow valve, a spring, spring seat, needle valve and the inlet at the bottom of the form.

when high pressure oil into the excavator working device accessories, through the bottom of the inlet pressure will gradually rise, gradually overcome the spring compression force, after reaching the relief valve set pressure, spring fully open, the hydraulic oil will pass valve needle into the oil return, fully play the role of protection device.

the role of the relief valve

excavator parts safety valve is in the main control valve work every movement of the oil has installed, the purpose is to limit the maximum oil pressure. Artificially adjust the main relief valve pressure, for example, when the excavator working instant relief pressure exceeds the safety valve set pressure, the valve will open, release the pressure, make work oil does not exceed the relief valve set pressure, ensure the safety of oil flow.

another effect is that when the excavator construction, if have it falling weight onto the excavator parts such as cylinder, bucket, forearm and other conditions, if there is no safety valve to protect hydraulic circuit, hydraulic impact will cause huge tubing tube, each control valve valve core and seal damage, even damage the main pump, so the safety valve protection is very important.

the relief valve failure caused by

1. Excavator accessories hydraulic blowout, oil cylinder lever bending

the main reason is caused by artificially adjust the relief valve. Friends and machine in order to improve the overall of excavator working strength and raised the main relief valve and the pressure setting of the relief valve, power has improved, but the excavator parts under long time high pressure work will increase the risk of hydraulic blowout, even oil cylinder cylinder rod will bend due to bear huge pressure.

2。 Strength is insufficient, slowly

because of excavator parts safety valve, valve core jamming caused by fault or overflow outlet oil poorly, can lead to pressure is too low, can affect a particular action, strength is not enough, action is slow. At this point, some clients often back to adjust the main relief valve pressure, how to adjust the pressure also couldn't get on, the cause of the failure is probably the relief valve, check valve shall be immediately.

emphatically summarized

the relief valve in excavator work at ordinary times, due to no direct influence on the performance of the excavator work is often overlooked. So excavator parts small make up remind everyone here, in the process of excavator maintenance must remember to check the safety valve, once found relief valve wear and failure occurs shall promptly replace the relief valve.

and, more importantly, don't excavator power in order to ascend, and optional raised relief valve and the main relief valve pressure value, which can avoid the bursting of excavator parts, oil cylinder bending failure, etc.

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