Excavator parts safety training

by:HMB     2021-01-20

and all the heavy equipment, use of excavator attachments of the operator must always pay attention to the surrounding environment. He must also comply with the build all of the safety measures and agreement for the site. For the mining personnel on the construction site safety and the rest of the accident is indispensable.

1。 Before starting the excavator work, should be as part of the excavator parts safety plan for visual check. The inspection should include testing the horn and reverse alarm sound. It should also include check loose or damaged parts, should be fixed before use.

2。 Most of excavator parts safety accidents happened in excavator parts contact with pedestrians. The workers while driving or put down the pail was struck by excavator parts might get hurt. Is the best way to avoid these accidents roadblocks, separate the road and workers walk the road of excavator. These barriers should be a physical barrier ( Probably the fence) According to the request separate the excavator parts and workers. Must use the correct placement of signal device, ensure that using appropriate when the pedestrian area mobile excavator accessories security.

3。 The safety of the mining personnel is very important to everyone in the workplace. Where is the uneven area or high levels of down? If there is a wire or head buried in the head, if so, how do the workers were told? In order to achieve truly effective excavator parts safe, need the support of crew and consciousness. Articles from linqing machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Release, it is strictly prohibited reproduced without permission.

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