Excavator parts production equipment - — Numerical control lathe, the maintenance cannot little!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
As excavator attachments processing enterprises, await a trouble-free operation does not affect the time limit for a project. How to more efficiency to be trouble-free operation? That is to do numerical control lathe maintenance regularly, to the key & other; Not badly off throughout the &; ! Numerical control lathe, is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of automatic machine tools, machining cylindrical straight and slash cylinder, circular arc and other complex artifacts. In order to ensure the accuracy of the lathe work, prolong the service life and reasonable maintenance when necessary. Preventive maintenance and common way for the excavator parts processing nc machine tools are: poured oil lubrication, splash lubrication, wick guide oil lubrication, billiard lubrication oil cup, butter cups of lubrication oil pump, oil lubrication. Parts in the headstock with lubrication or splash lubrication oil pump cycle. The lubricating oil in the cabinet in March to replace a commonly. Main body on the oil window, if discover oil window without oil output, oil pump oil system has fault, should immediately stop check off the reasons of oil, after waiting for repair to start the lathe. Feed box gear and bearing, in addition to use gear splash lubrication, in the feed box and rope guide lubrication oil storage tank, each class should be to the storage tank and oil at a time. Exchange of gear box intermediate gear shaft bearing lubrication is butter cup, once per shift. Lathe bed guide rail, the slide guide rail in the wiping oil gun to work before and after the gas. Lathe of daily maintenance and maintenance requirements are as follows: one, every day after work, cut off the power and the various surfaces of the lathe, the casing, the slideway, screw, light bars do no oil, no iron filings, lathe looks clean. Second, the weekly requirements to maintain lathe bed guide rail and slide guide rail in the cleaning and lubrication. Usually when excavator parts production CNC lathe operation after 500 hours, need to level 1 maintenance. The maintenance work is given priority to with operators, in conjunction with the maintenance man. When maintenance, must cut off power supply first, then in the following order and requirements: first, for the maintenance of the spindle. First, clean the oil filter, so that it is no clutter. Second, check whether there is any loose on the spindle lock nut, set screws are tight. Third, adjust the brake and clutch friction plate gap. Second, the exchange of the maintenance of the gear box. First, the gear, shaft sleeve and inject new oil in the oil cup. Second, adjust the gear meshing clearance. Third, check the shaft sleeve with or without shaking phenomenon. Three, skateboarding, and the maintenance of the rest. Four, the tailstock maintenance ( Wipe appearance and lubrication) 。 Fifth, the maintenance of the lubrication system. First of all, cleaning cooling pump and oil filter. Second, ensure smooth oil. Third, check the oil, maintain good ( The clearer) Six, electrical maintenance. First, clean the motor, electric box on the dust. Second, the electric device fixed neatly. Seven, the maintenance of the appearance. First, to clean the surface of the nc lathe and housings, keep them, looks clean, no corrosion, no pollution. Second, check and supplement the screw, the handle. After cleaning wipe, parts necessary lubrication. It is important to note that when the machine maintenance, must cut off power supply, and then according to the steps for maintenance. Get to the point, the purpose of maintenance is not in production because of downtime, cause a delay of excavator attachments production.

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