Excavator parts plunger pump oil suction filter to use

by:HMB     2021-01-13

before you see a net friend asked if excavator parts plunger pump need oil suction filter? Anyone a lot of friends spoke enthusiastically, guess, mostly friends think is necessary. Here I want to combine their encounter situation and plunger pump use requirement of oil absorption, talk about their own humble opinion, in order to can have the effect of the author.

everyone knows that the function of the filter is to filter out particles in the oil, make cleanness of the oil meet the use requirements of the pump, as far as possible to prolong the service life of the pump. The two sides, the excavator accessories filter oil suction filter, too, especially the use of it will have a lot of risk, the risk of a major is causing poor oil absorption, cause the pump suction empty, soon. So, what is need oil absorption or not? I want to talk about their own views from the following two aspects:

1. Plunger pump to the requirement of oil

we all know how big size particles of excavator attachments of plunger pump damage more serious, usually between each pair of plunger pump clearance are below 40 microns, 15 micron particle to its damage. And oil suction filter is not that these particles block, piston pump for oil cleanness above NAS9 level (usually High oil temperature is to require higher cleanliness level), , oil suction filter can not achieve this requirement. To meet the cleanliness requirement, should be installed in the tank of the processing, the excavator accessories line as well as the early flush, later use pressure to ensure that the oil filter. The use of oil suction filter, easy to cause oil suction pressure is too low, the pump suction empty damaged condition, reduce the service life of pump. Of course, some of the plunger pump can be added.

2: the classification of the plunger pump ( According to the circuit form)

usually according to the circuit form, excavator parts plunger pump can be divided into open type, closed and half closed and open. For open plunger pump, it is suggested that don't add filter, oil suction mouth and closed type pump, because the oil absorption is through the oil pump, oil pump is usually a gear pump, the suction pressure is not strict, can add the appropriate filter. Oil suction mouth is usually used in 100 mesh filter precision or more thick, flow ability more than 2 times the pump flow.

therefore, excavator attachments plunger pump whether to add oil suction filter, should first consider the form of a plunger pump. Must remember oil absorption restricted air absorption, cavitation occurs, then the plunger pump can be deadly.

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