Excavator parts overflow valve failure problems

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Excavator accessories manufacturers, small make up today to and you talk about about the role of excavator overflow valve and fault in the actual operation process. First of all, let's see what is relief valve set pressure relief role? The role of the relief valve: 1. Constant pressure overflow effect: in quantitative pump throttle control system, the quantitative pump provides a constant flow rate. When the system pressure, can reduce traffic demand. The overflow valve open, make excess flow back to the fuel tank, guarantee the overflow valve inlet pressure, the pump outlet pressure constant, valve open mouth often varies with pressure fluctuations. 2. Safety protection: system to work normally, the valve closed. Only load in excess of the prescribed limit open overflow, overload protection, no longer increases the system pressure. 3. Do the unloading valve used for remote pressure regulating valve: high and low pressure multistage sequence valve is used to produce back pressure control valve. Lost its two consequences: 1. Pressure does not overflow automatically, can cause abnormal action, tooth. 2. Overflow valve automatic overflow, no pressure will cause no action. Although the overflow valve to generate good regulation and protection of excavator, but relief valve itself fault happens. Below, we will with the excavator small make up to look at the overflow valve accessories manufacturer will appear what kind of problem? When a fault occurs, how should we deal with? The high frequency noise is a common fault excavator overflow valve performance. Lead to the high frequency noise is a result of pilot valve performance instability, when before the pilot valve cavity pressure high-frequency oscillation, causing the air vibration producing high frequency noise. Therefore, when the overflow valve is the high frequency noise, we should make the appropriate solution. 1. When mixed with air in excavator oil, can make the guide before the valve cavity formation of cavitation, which leads to the high frequency noise. To this, we should be in the process of excavator use regularly to air out and stop the air infiltration measures; 2. Overflow valve of the needle valve due to frequent open excavator operation process, generate a certain amount of wear and tear of its own, when wear degree reaches a certain degree, the needle valve cone and the seat will not be able to fit closely, overflow valve guide flow instability and generate pressure fluctuations, causing noise. When there is such a situation the overflow valve, shall be immediately to repair processing, can replace the new relief valve when necessary; 3. Excavator use accumulated with time, the pilot valve spring should be use for a long time, resulting in the spring performance degradation, excavator attachments caused by the overflow valve pressure regulating function is not stable, make it should increase pressure fluctuation produced by high frequency noise. When appear this phenomenon should be replaced immediately spring.

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