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by:HMB     2021-01-14

【 small make up 】 Facing the complex situation at home and abroad, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal development, machinery industry in China in deepening supply side structural reform, expand the effective supply, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, mass transfer efficiency, etc. Annual implementation efficiency improved, the export recovery, industry good running stability, market confidence, stepping up development situation better than expected.

the added value of maintaining high growth

2017 consistently higher than national machinery industrial added value growth rate for the previous year, the trend of industrial and manufacturing growth is always maintained at more than 10%. Compared with 10 machinery industrial production throughout the year. 7%, compared with the national industrial and manufacturing 4 respectively. 1 and 3. 5%, higher than that of mechanical industry in the same period of last year 1. 1%.

24 main business revenue of mechanical industry in 2017. 54 trillion yuan, rose 9. 2 47%, higher than a year ago. 03%. The total profit of 1. 71 trillion yuan, increased 10. 5 74%, higher than a year ago. 2%. Main economical indicators of mechanical industry and rapid growth.

only automobiles, electrical appliances with the previous year two big industry to give priority to drive machinery industry growth, mechanical industry since 2017 in various divisions are showed to the good development momentum. General equipment manufacturing sector, special equipment manufacturing, electric machinery and equipment manufacturing, and auto manufacturing industrial added value growth rate of more than 10 throughout the year. 5%, among which the general equipment manufacturing industry and special equipment manufacturing industry growth is improved on the previous year 4. 6 and 5. 1%.

the ministry of foreign trade growth rebounded significantly

machinery industry of foreign trade growth for 2017, the year accumulative total import and export $712. 3 billion, year-on-year growth of 10. 01%. The imported $306. 3 billion, year-on-year growth. 31%; Exports of $406 billion, year-on-year growth of 8. 33%; Implement trade surplus of $99. 7 billion. All 13 major divisions of foreign trade and exports year-on-year growth, including agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, machine tools and auto industry export achieve double-digit growth. Especially the harvest and field operating machinery, bulldozers, loaders, nc machine tools, automotive and other products, export situation is good, the export growth of 51 respectively. 5%, 70. 4%, 48. 6%, 44. 1% and 31. 2%.

r&d capabilities continue to improve

in the relevant national policies and measures under the guidance and support of machinery enterprises to actively explore and cultivate new development momentum, become more and more mechanical the independent choice of the enterprise, the development of the industry dynamism. National major project of mechanical industry innovation and development in stimulating further revealed.

through in recent years, the accumulation of machinery enterprise of r&d and innovation is not only limited to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion, absorption, but focus more on original design, such as extreme manufacturing ability of ascension. Global initiative vertical lifting loaders, liugong developed can achieve 360 - degree view no dead Angle, operation than traditional product tipping load increases, the hoisting capacity increased by 30%, 30% have obtained 35 domestic invention patents and 7 international invention patents.

new markets to explore new territory

excavator attachments small make up to see weak demand in the traditional market, under the background of increasing competition, more and more machinery enterprise services based on their own advantages, expand the market. Hollysys company actively explore railway traffic control system, research and development of CTCS - 2 + ATO train operation control system is successfully applied in fo zhao inter-city railway. Hangyang group implementation of transformation from production-oriented manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing enterprise strategy, formed by engineering general contracting, air separation equipment manufacturing and industrial gas operations constitute a complete industrial chain.

with & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction, machinery enterprises to accelerate the industry layout of globalisation. Weichai group of countries along the subsoil, speeds up the capacity of cooperation and network layout, has overseas marketing platform and more than 30 subsidiaries, has developed more than 400 authorized service station, the overseas business income of more than 40% of group revenues, profits accounted for more than 30%. Xugong group set up r&d centers in the United States and Europe, set up the research and manufacturing base in Brazil, a joint venture in uzbekistan, now is close to 30% of the total overseas income of group revenues.

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