Excavator parts of five kinds of filter replacement technique, need to take!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

a, excavator parts air filter replacement steps:

1, take out the dirty air filter, clean air filter installation. And the arrow up, lock the card clasp, install protective cover.

2, air filter need to be replaced every 1000 hours,

when changing also note two points:

(1), excavator parts of outer space is dirty need to clean up, clean up the six most must be replaced, the empty cannot be cleaned.

2, inside and outside the air filter need to be replaced at the same time.

2, excavator parts diesel filter replacement step

1, first of all, clean the filter, remove dirt and foreign material on the surface of the installation.

2, put into the container, close the oil switch, loosen the air cock for drainage. Reuse excavator accessories filter wrench to remove, and finally tighten new diesel filter, you do not need to use when fastening tools, with the hand fastening. Replacement should also note that must replace o-rings at the same time.

3, excavator attachments of oil filter and oil change step

1, put the oil container, remove bottom oil.

2, use of excavator attachments filter wrench to remove the filter, the new filter daub oil change again.

3, close the oil drain switch, open the oil and pour the pure oil.

4, pull out the vernier caliper, check the oil level.

to replace the need to pay attention to two

(1), a new oil filter doesn't need filling the oil, but to apply a thin layer of oil on it.

2, filling oil must be closed before the switch.

4, excavator accessories hydraulic oil return filter replacement steps

1, hold down the exhaust valve know no gas discharge.

2, twist the screw on the cover, remove the filter, replacement of new breath filter.

3, open the cover to remove oil filter, change into new excavator parts o-rings.

4, install the new filter is completed.

note here: excavator attachments replace air filter every 1000 hours; Replace diesel filter every 500 hours; The oil filter and oil need to be replaced every 500 hours; Hydraulic oil filter and the replacement of the breath filter every 1000 hours.

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