Excavator parts manufacturer to remind you tomorrow 'the millennium'

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator parts manufacturer to remind you tomorrow & other; Throughout the millennium &; 。 “

the millennium autumnal equinox eve, the night cold night. ” Beijing time on 7 September 18 when 39 points will mark & other; Throughout the millennium &; Solar terms. , cautioned that this season, gradually increase the temperature gap between day and night, some dry climate, the public should pay attention to keep warm and filling water in time.

the millennium season, yet unclouded day, although still can reach more than 30 degrees Celsius temperature, but at night can drop to 20 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference of more than 10 degrees Celsius. At this point, people can clearly feel the hot summer is over, the cool autumn is coming.

linqing excavator parts: & other; Stopping the heat 18 basin, the millennium not dew body & throughout; “ The millennium not dew, catch a cold easily lax & throughout; “ The millennium not dew, sooner or later one & throughout; , saying is the millennium after day and night temperature difference is very big, if the naked stripped to the waist, is easy to catch cold catch cold, light was susceptible to a cold, or easy to dye lung disease.

excavator attachments remind everyone this season, it is best to wear long sleeve clothes, don't be greedy cold stripped to the waist, pay attention to the foot he goes to bed at night and abdominal heat preservation; Due to dry climate gradually, this time should also drink plenty of water, especially the honey water, light tea, juice, soy milk, eating more can nourish dry food, such as tremella, lotus root, spinach, etc. ; Appropriate sports and exercise, night before sleeping, had better use hot bubble foot, and a foot massage, can the cold damp, also conducive to the circulation of the blood.

At the same time, as the recent research of HMB shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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