Excavator parts manufacturer to remind you: today is the beginning of winter

by:HMB     2021-01-19

' Huanghua dewy, red has been in the wind. ” 'Chinese almanac', according to a November 7 when 13 & other 38 points, The beginning of winter & throughout; Solar terms. This season, on the north, and frozen, water ice in the beginning, the weather is getting cold. to prompt people to pay attention to escape the cold warm hide, early lie up late, balanced diet.

the beginning of winter is one of the lunar 24 solar terms, it is also one of the traditional Chinese festivals; Point in time each year in the Gregorian calendar on November 7 Between 8, which is located at longitude 225 & deg; 。 At this point, the earth is located in the declination - 16° 19 ' 。 After the beginning of winter, sunshine time will continue to shorten, noon the sun continues to reduce. During the beginning of winter, the beginning of the Chinese folk in the beginning of winter for the winter, winter eat custom need supplements to degrees.

before and after the beginning of winter, precipitation significantly reduced in many parts of the country. In northern China the earth freeze, crops into the winter period. The yangtze-huaihe region of China & other; Sowing and ploughing & throughout; Late Chinese jiangnan, is nearing an end, is busy planting crop system, hurriedly transplanting rape, is a kind of wheat in the best period in southern China. In addition, after the beginning of winter air generally become dry, less soil water, China began to pay attention to forest fire prevention work at this time.

excavator attachments friendship remind: since the beginning of winter. Cold climate affect the body's endocrine system, in order to increase the body's ability to keep out the cold, thus cause the human body heat lost too much. Therefore, the nutrition of the beginning of winter season should give priority to in order to increase the thermal. Can be appropriately to eat more lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, beans, and foods rich in carbohydrates and fats.

winter in terms of health food, traditional Chinese medicine think that they should eat less salt, eat more bitter taste of food, it is winter in kidney by the strong, and the kidneys salty, the bitter heart. Excavator accessories manufacturers reference medicine five elements theory, salty bitter, kidney water grams of heart. If salty to eat many, will make is inherently partial port of renal water more in port, so that the power of heart Yang is abate, so should eat more bitter taste of food, to help the heart Yang. So it can resist the kidney water in port. 4 as the cultivate of 'said: & other; During kidney water taste salty, fear water, fire, so the appropriate yangxin. ”

for shandong excavator accessories manufacturers, this year the beginning of winter seems to than ever late some, because after November 7, shandong is a piece of warm?

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