Excavator parts manufacturer: hebei tangshan iron and steel industry the development of intelligent going green

by:HMB     2021-01-13

【 Excavator accessories manufacturers] For in-depth study to carry out the party's 19 great spirit and the central economic work conference spirit, in accordance with requirements of the new era, careful study of the steel industry faces new situation and new tasks, new train of thought on the development of iron and steel industry, January 16, tangshan iron and steel industry association ( Expand) And the general assembly held in tangshan. Shandong excavator attachments found that since 2017, China's iron and steel industry according to the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, deepening structural reform, the supply side positive and effective solve the excess capacity, market environment, reasonable steel prices rebound, enterprise efficiency continue to improve, which has laid a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the iron and steel industry. All aspects, especially the reform through the industry to management to good posture for 2018 continue to maintain the stability of positive efforts, contribution strength.

the tangshan government party member jian-li liu pointed out that over the years, tangshan iron and steel association to connect government, service industry as own duty, set up a service enterprise development, the new platform of the rights and interests of enterprises, government and enterprises set up to strengthen communication, deepen the cooperation of the new bridge. Hope to adhering to the tangshan iron and steel association & other; Line stability can reach & throughout; Concept, continue to promote the development of tangshan iron and steel industry for devoting his strength, power, stable and rapid development of tangshan iron and steel industry, also remind the iron and steel enterprises should in time of peace prepare for war at the same time, enhance cognitive ability, strategic awareness and market for the enterprises bigger and stronger to do long and practical efforts.

tangshan tangshan iron and steel industry association director, river steel company chairman Wang Lanyu said, to thoroughly implement the party's 19 great spirit and the central economic work conference spirit, continue to deepen the reform of the supply side structural, for the purpose of service enterprises, efforts to maintain industry running smoothly, promote the operation of continuous quality improvement, efforts to promote in tangshan iron and steel industry towards the high-end. At the same time, also want to insist on green development, actively promote energy conservation and environmental protection level, keep in tangshan iron and steel industry to develop green, intelligent, for power transformation and upgrading of tangshan iron and steel industry to make greater contribution.

development center, deputy director of the environmental protection environment, is senior engineer FuJun believe that good environmental governance system is to accelerate the basis of short board, supplement the ecological environment is the important content of construction of ecological civilization system. In the national industrial policy and supply side structural reform deepening, the steel industry in our country environmental protection measures have improved, improve made an important contribution to the environment, in the green chemical plant path laid a solid foundation.

excavator attachments thinks, at present, our country manufacturing industry by the high speed development into to the development of high quality, high quality development in the industry more and more important, to maintain stability in the coking industry to a good state, must establish the idea of energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon environmental protection consciousness, followed by the national development of the new situation and new requirements. China special steel enterprises association secretary-general Wang Huaishi said, special steel on behalf of a country manufacturing level of iron and steel industry, is an important symbol of the iron and steel power, under the new situation of green manufacturing, iron and steel industry in our country should actively adjust the industrial structure and product structure, improve the overall competitiveness, to strive towards a manufacturing powerhouse.

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