Excavator parts logo interpretation

by:HMB     2021-01-22

safety tips on the excavator parts, remind operators or maintenance personnel, potential risk may be related to improper operation or maintenance. This paper will use the security sticker short words to said dangerous situation and ensure that the correct security measures. In excavator parts identified below, for example.

above excavator attachments identification dangerous situation, and told how to avoid the operator. On the left side of the graphics, for example, is refers to the risk of falling, and the right of the mean was barred from entering. For excavator, security patch in many parts of the excavator attachments, because we put the safety of the operator in the first place. We in order to better understand the excavator safety instructions, you can refer to the following instructions.

1。 Read the operation manual

2. The cost of power cable

3. Shutdown

4. Operating mode

5. Locking

6. Emergency exit

7. The risk of falling

8. Rotating fan

9. Mobile belt of 10. Don't step

11. There is no seat

12. High pressure liquid

13. Has not started to start the pump

14. Hot surface

15. Overhead extrusion dangerous

16. Squeeze the dangerous

17. Track tensioning 18. The anchoring point

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