Excavator parts in special environment maintenance methods

by:HMB     2021-01-17
General repair and maintenance of excavator attachments everyone understand very much. But excavator will often work in some special regional environment, such as wild and cold winter region, southeast coastal area how to maintain excavator parts? Below small make up is how simple analyse in the special environment of excavator spare parts for repair maintenance.

the field regional environmental

due to regional environment in the field to do industry complex, if not timely according to the different environment for the corresponding maintenance debugging, can make the excavator parts lead to serious damage. As field more dominated by the topsoil, gravel road surface, it industry environment filled with many sand dust, such cases, dig Mr Machine of various spare parts and the joke will be full of dust, thus will greatly damage the normal do industry, the demand for the machine filter core will also improve. When the dust accumulation is overmuch, can lead to dig Mr Machine heat pipe radiator for industry efficiency is lower, led to the heat pipe radiator expected effect is a bit poor. Therefore, we can choose to use cool water clean the dust on the excavator, and replace the filter element in time. In addition, also for excavator attachments chassis and four-wheel area is in order to detect, check whether the fracture and damage phenomenon.

winter regional environmental

because of winter in the north of China is cold, excavator to do business in such a climate environment, should also pay attention to the choice of fuel. The model should choose to have the high quality of cold resistance, fuel, its coding is expressed as a negative value. In addition, should add concrete antifreeze in the circulating water system, and to timely battery charging or discharging the battery, in order to ensure its lithium battery electrolyte are not frozen cooler.

the southeast coastal areas

due to the different industry demand, dig Mr Opportunity at the beach, and even involved in the surface to do business. Because the water contains many salt, after use, should first to thoroughly clean of excavator, in order to avoid salt in the water will lead to corrosion of excavator parts electrical equipment spare parts. After to clean excavator to the metal parts after cleaning, apply a layer of oil sealing parts to the whole has a better maintenance action.

in addition, the average daily inspection don't omit, to appropriate testing of all parts, if find any spare parts broken or falls off phenomenon should be timely to repair to save it, don't let it result in more damage.

that's small make up for the field of regional environment and cold winter area and southeast coastal area of the three special industry area analysis of equipment maintenance. Main master the above three factors, can reduce damage for excavator spare parts, and affect the construction period. Later no matter in what industry area environment can dig Mr Machine skillfully control of their own.

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