【 Excavator parts 】 How to solve the slow excavator to replace hydraulic pump

by:HMB     2021-01-17
After recently learned some master excavators to replace hydraulic pump, slow, how to solve? And the excavator parts small make up together to discuss. Because there are many kinds of excavator in hydraulic pump, but either way, the new pump speed is slower than the old pump: definitely not. And after the replacement of the new hydraulic pump speed slow, should consider above all is the size of hydraulic pump flow. Because decision excavator speed is the flow of hydraulic pump. Flow is easy to understand, can be understood as the current size. Traffic is the hydraulic pump of hydraulic oil discharge volume per unit time, large flow, a natural move fast. So after the new pump speed slow first check the pump flow rate is up to standard. Because the new pump flow will be set at the median. Drivers each hydraulic pump flow adjustment is not the same. So the new hydraulic pump hydraulic pump need according to the actual situation to adjust flow in order to obtain satisfactory speed. In addition to hydraulic pump can adjust maximum flow, also depends on the control of hydraulic pump flow. Excavator hydraulic pump flow is moment in change, control handle large range of operation, the hydraulic pump flow increase, improve work efficiency. And need of micro operation, handle the operation range is small, hydraulic pump flow will shrink, at this time in order to improve the operation accuracy, reduce the movement speed. So the speed of hydraulic pump and control pressure also have relations. Control the pressure from the valve group, positive control and negative control. Is control oil pressure signal from the pressure difference, the higher the pressure, the pump flow rate, the greater the this is a direct ratio of the signal. Negative control, the pump flow control and pressure is on the contrary, the control pressure is low, the pump flow rate increased, the speed faster. Therefore excavator flow also depends on the control of pressure, but many drivers hydraulic pump is electrical control + hydraulic control, pump and electromagnetic valve, pressure sensor and Angle sensor, etc. Therefore, the aim of electronic control is the key inspection. Seen in pump without the sensor plug handle, cause a short-circuit destroying the pump control computer version. Pump control computer doesn't work, hydraulic pump in small flow condition, drivers will naturally slow. And the damage of the circuit, plug to the normal pump control computer doesn't work can also lead to low traffic. So a new pump speed is slow, excavator attachments small make up recommend not blind continues to replace hydraulic pump, but to adhere to the principle of first simple after complex to some troubleshooting, the drivers are electronic control dependence is very high, so check first to make circuit, can from the dashboard a variety of data to be obtained, read the fault code, etc. Can read all parts of pressure from the computer, the forerunner pressure, etc. Pilot pressure is low, the pump pressure control is insufficient, can also cause the phenomenon of slow speed. Excavator accessories manufacturers think that non-professional maintenance personnel do not recommend further inspection, in case of failure to expand.

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