Excavator parts how to cleaning

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator parts after a variety of harsh environment, there will be a different degree of rust, today we introduce relevant derusting method:

1. to keep good performance and maximum productivity is very important. As mining tool, excavator is widely used in engineering construction and coal mine environment, all kinds of work of the machine a lot of contact with a wide range of hazards and consumption. Excavator rust is an important routine maintenance, can effectively prevent the excavator parts rust, keep machines in good condition in the

2. should be fully cover the paint film. If the cover is damaged, repair the surface or to paint. For metal structure damage, best method is to clean the area where the damage, then brush on antirust coating. In the process of excavator parts rust homework, frequently used parts to be processed, this is a vital step. Lubricant and brush should be according to the specified mode selection, which can be twice the result with half the effort. Based on the calcium base grease and lithium grease is a good choice, can make all aspects of the excavator attachments keep a good state. More importantly, when you want to use the new lubricating oil, it is easy to clean these paintings.

3。 If, in accordance with the above instructions, the effect will be very good. Proper and regular lubrication can prolong the service life of excavator parts, save maintenance cost. In the case of excavator accessories idle for a long time, rust prevention is particularly important, it can make your machine can work at any time.

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