【 Excavator parts 】 Hammer, what can I do?

by:HMB     2021-01-17
Hammer is now one of the hydraulic excavator regular excavator attachments, play an important effect in the project, if a weak showing in excavator hammer, it will affect the whole project progress, we how to analyze and deal with the issue of excavator hammer assignments to fault, now please follow small make up, together to get to know. Weak fault excavator hammer operation is shown as: movable arm lifting and flip bucket. There are four aspects of the main reason for the problem. An internal leakage and operation within the pump leakage drivers hammer is shown as: large noise when working, the higher the engine speed, the greater the noise; Visible in the oil filter to a lot of copper scrap. Should overhaul gear pump, and analysis of the gear end gap ( Normal value is 0. 100 - 0. 140mm) Gear meshing gap ( Normal value is 0. 005-0. 015毫米) , the radial clearance of the wheel ( Normal value is 0. 100-0. 200毫米) And see if the seals outstanding. Any error or damage, should be fixed or replaced. By on, the problem may exist a variety of, need we pay close attention to can be found, and early found early treatment, can reduce the least amount of repair cost, of course, normal operators on the machine maintenance and protection is also very important, so small make up recommend our usual careful investigation can help identify problems, deal with the problem! Second, distributing valve leakage corundum is the main cause of the leakage are: the safety valve of the main valve core is jammed; Working gap is too large (the valve stem and valve body, Normal working gap is 0. 025-0. 040mm) ; Triangle broken hammer or body injury; Seal excavator accessories such as damage. Three, low system pressure in distributing valve pressure point range for 25 mpa pressure gauge, make the engine and hydraulic oil in the normal operating temperature, engine speed at about 1 800 r/min, distributing turning valve operation, make the bucket backward, pressure gauge shows pressure should be 17 mpa. If less than this value, should overhaul safety valve, check to see if the hammer broken parts pilot valve spring fell out of the crack, whether the seal, the main valve core are jammed and damping hole whether blocking, etc. No problem, adjust the pressure regulating screw, make the system pressure is normal. Four, movable arm cylinder or leakage inside the cylinders are respectively movable arm piston cylinder or cylinders are exactly, remove the rodless cavity tubing, the movable arm cylinder rod or cylinders continue oil filled cavity. If the rodless cavity oil mouth has more oil emission ( Normal leakage should be & le; 30毫升/分钟) , then clarify the piston ring is damaged, should replace; Also can make the bucket full load, lifting to the limit position, movable arm lever on the median, and make the engine flameout, investigation of the movable arm sinking speed ( When normal & lt; 40mm/h) , then, would rise by moving arm lever in bearing, if the movable arm sinking speed significantly accelerated, clarify the leakage occurred in the hydraulic cylinder; If sinking speed does not change significantly, clarify the leakage because of the distributing valve.

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