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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Carter excavators in arm oil cylinder repair once, arm stuck in the problems in the work on the way, take out inspection maintenance found oil cylinder contains a lot of iron powder. Carter excavators internal carter accessories have a lot of iron powder is a big problem, iron powder in the carter excavators, hydraulic oil, hydraulic tank, oil pipe, carter radiator, pump, motor and other accessories. These carter in these circumstances we will pay attention to the accessories, iron powder inside the machine although poses a big impact, but iron powder, once more, will appear carter accessories card dead, not the fault operation, could also engine overhaul. In order to deal with iron powder, the owners have come up with a number of ways. Some main accessories hydraulic oil purifier, add a carter is a filter, so it can avoid too much iron powder into the carter accessories inside; Maintenance but also make the big moves, with the magnets in the hydraulic tank of iron powder, all the magnets on the fuel tank make the iron powder suction to the magnet, which will help in the process of using iron powder through tubing to carter accessories inside. In order to deal with this iron powder the owner has a different way, some owners are local tyrants, every once in a while will be emptying of the hydraulic oil, clean all the inside of the pipe, hydraulic tank cleaning, too. Cleaning work is done, the new hydraulic oil into the hydraulic tank inside again, this can effectively get rid of iron powder. These methods are the owner or the repairman to come out, although it is perfect methods, but also can play a role.
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