Excavator parts failure? The three parts must look!

by:HMB     2021-01-18

all no action of excavator is what circumstance? Engineering to hand tight, see project payment, but drivers move suddenly, this let many bosses suddenly received ring. small make up to be sure, the fault is refers to the engine can start normally or whole vehicle drivers work normally when no action. If you can't start, that is the problem of engine, you old driver must accordingly.

a. Electrical failure

excavator parts pilot safety switch ( Safety of hydraulic lock) : we excavator operation at ordinary times, when boarding will throw it manually, long time work in will cause poor contact switch, line aging, for reasons such as damage.

solution: there is a problem to adjust, if still have problem will need to replace.

safety solenoid valve ( Pilot solenoid valve) : the electromagnetic valve is usually installed on the electromagnetic valve group, find the accumulator is not far from it. Although the excavator attachments, fault point many.

remember three points: electricity, electromagnetic valve is electricity. Magnetic, electromagnetic valve is magnetic. Drain valve, electromagnetic valve is card, oil.

2. Hydraulic failure

excavator parts pilot pump: the forerunner within the internal gear pump wear will cause leakage is serious, unable to establish working pressure ( Normal pressure is 40 kg, brand models a slightly different size) ; Pilot pressure regulating valve valve core failure damage, no pilot pressure or low pressure.

note: some small excavator is not pilot pump, is the forerunner pressure by the pressure reducing valve adjustment. ( Komatsu excavator is no pilot pump is full of the pressure reducing valve control)

the main relief valve: the main relief valve valve core is stuck, damage.

main pump, main pump within the internal damage or drain is too big, can also cause the whole car no action.

3. Other excavator parts failure

coupling: the part is located in the engine and hydraulic pump joint ( The flywheel shell visible) 。 After coupling damage, hydraulic pump will not work.

oil suction filter, hydraulic oil use for a long time not on time to replace filter, filter blocking, oil is not unobstructed, hydraulic pump can't work normally.

don't be afraid of excavator action failure, pinpoint the problems is the key. Above is the whole vehicle no action excavator parts fault point, so don't worry and panic when such failure. According to the summary given the problems parts excavator accessories manufacturer, can easily find fault problem.

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