【 Excavator parts 】 Excavators can't stall, tug-of-war hammer fault summary

by:HMB     2021-01-13
Epidemic period, many teachers choose its excavator is a major maintenance, to ensure the construction smoothly. After some teacher met excavator maintenance, unable to flame-out phenomenon. small make up also encountered this kind of phenomenon, in this small make up to share the check method of excavator cannot be shut down immediately.

excavators can't immediately shut down common inspection method: 1, check the ignition switch, can be reset voltage gear is broken. Measure the voltage, power relay closure when no voltage output, working properly. Ordinary relay check the fuel stop valve, no voltage output, the electric lock is turned off. Check the fuel cut-off valve, the voltage of CN - in all the time 79 plug-in power shut down, wireless fault exists. 2. Check the fuel shut-off valve, found that push-pull valve core ball head bushing rotation stuck. Judge ball head lining sleeve death, causing the electric lock power outage. Because of the ball head lining sleeve die, push-pull valve core is reset properly, to cut off the fuel supply of high pressure oil pump, the engine continues to work without downtime.

small make up the knowledge sharing excavator accessories: tug of war hammer hammer leakage fault may lead to the common failures: if ring damage may result in leakage phenomenon, so that drivers have been after use a hammer or 600 hours after the seals must be replaced by disassembly. Excavator broken with a hammer. Possible reasons: steel drill bit and the liner clearance is too large. If clearance exceed the permitted limit, bushing should be replaced. Excavator hammer piston effect, but not hit. Possible reason: when the steel welding pin when inflation occurs, steel welding pin continuous use may break, excavator hammer piston fracture may happen, but the impact failure will not occur. If steel welding pin radial wear more than 2 mm, steel welding pin must be promptly replaced. If you don't replace steel welding pin, steel welding pin will break, which result in the failure of excavator, and damage of excavator attachments.

above is the check method of excavator cannot be shut down immediately, excavator attachments small make up remind you again: during the outbreak. Properly!

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