【 Excavator parts 】 Excavator to infinite rotating without it!

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Excavator can infinite rotation, and caterpillar track walking is not affected, this is excavator accessories & other; Throughout the central swivel joint credit &; 。 Excavator powertrain in frame, the upper part is responsible for providing the power, and walking chassis of the motor is driven by a frame to the upper part of the powertrain. And between the upper and lower frame, it is through the hydraulic circuit to transmit power. Excavator is a full hydraulic pressure drive, the engine output directly driven hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump power for the whole vehicle, whole vehicle all action is hydraulic pressure drive, including the telescopic oil cylinder, rotary motor, walk motor. And control the direction of the hydraulic oil equipment called valve group, the distributor, by driving indoor control handle ( The guide handle) To complete. Handle to drive the valve group action, control valves of the hydraulic oil flow direction and passing in and out, also control action and speed. Excavator every motion driven by excavator attachments handle valve group. Except walking device, because walking is stamped on the control, and handle a principle. The upper part of the frame is easy to understand, because the original engine hydraulic pump valve group is on the frame, each cylinder motor etc can visually see hydraulic line. This and the circuit diagram, simple and clear. But more abstract is 360 degrees of rotation, also is the problem of walking motor drive. If is hydraulic pipe connection frame up and down, so can't do 360 degrees of rotation, because the line will be torn apart. So excavator this area using the center of the rotary joint, rather than to connect with hydraulic line. Valve set of output through the pipe line and the upper part of rotary joint connection, and the corresponding output below the frame joint, output connector through the pipe connected to the walking motor again. So, no matter how to rotate the frame above, at the bottom of the motor tubing will not turn. In addition, the rotary joint consists of shell and axis, shell part is input, output axis is part. Shell with oil groove, axis has corresponding oil hole, and each group are seal between tank, to ensure that the hydraulic oil leak, crosstalk. May say in front of the principle of people is hard to understand, you can consult the headphones plug principle, it is easy to understand! Headset plug in device can rotate 360 degrees, like a slip ring principle, no matter how to rotate, the socket reed always keep good contact with the earphone plug. So, no matter how the rotation will not affect headsets. So, excavator attachments central swivel joint, is also the same principle.

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