【 Excavator parts 】 Excavator slewing no action

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Excavator failure probability is very high in the summer, and just the summer is out of season, so a lot of owner like the rotary excavator parts damage failure of no action and high temperature, headache very much. Excavator slewing slowly, weak is one of the common hydraulic failure, believe that many friends are met, in turning speed slow, weakness, action inconsistent, sometimes accompanied by sound. small make up today is to introduce you to the excavator slewing fault of some of the reasons for your reference. Working principle at work, when operating the handle in the rotary control oil reached the control valve, promote rotary valve rod pump provided after make high pressure oil into the rotary motor; Return at the same time, control the oil tank of oil is cut off, the brake loosen the valve pressure increases, pushing its stem make one auxiliary pressure oil into the brake pistons, open the slewing brake, make the rotary motor movements; Rotary motor through small gear transmission output power, small gear and slewing ring gear meshing and produce rotary motion. Failure analysis 1, excavator rotary motor overload valve wear. 2, turn the overflow pressure, no load and load below P1 pump to maintain pressure, servo calibration value. 3, excavator attachments bucket rod load check valve seat wear. Troubleshooting methods: 1, start the machine, and rotary movement, observe carefully make rotary gesture on both sides of the slewing platform can swing, swing there are abnormal noise, obviously feeling machine card lag phenomenon. Can judge rotary deceleration institutions internal fault, or the slewing mechanism and the rotary bearing joint failure. 2, remove the slewing mechanism and the slewing platform connecting a ring bolt, lift the slewing mechanism assembly, check the slewing mechanism and the rotary bearing joints, found that the rotary driving gear and rotary gear ring gear are normal. 3, overhauling slewing reducer, found that the reduction gear center gear wear serious, damage of double reduction racks. 4, due to the machine main excavators under warranty, so after replacing new slewing mechanism assembly, troubleshooting. The cause of the problem: 1, slewing reducer internal gear reduction gear center badly worn; 2, slewing reducer internal damage of double reduction racks. Conclusion in general, excavator slewing part fails, a lot of the time need to test to find out the reason. If you have time limit nervous, many teachers will be dragged back, finished to repair. Little imagine, accordingly, causes & other; A serious illness & throughout; ! Excavator accessories manufacturers, small make up remind everybody must find fault handling in a timely manner.

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