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by:HMB     2021-01-13
After completion of assignments, some informal teacher often do not pay attention to the excavator parked position, little imagine parking poor posture can cause excavator attachments damaged, so general excavator how to park is better? Small make up today to discuss with you how excavator parked. Perpendicular to the ground, forearm pose a 90 degrees, the bucket flat on the back ground, each cylinder in a vertical state, no damage to oil cylinder oil seal. But this bucket cylinder revealing a quantity! So, in practice, in order to prevent accident, many people put the bucket cylinder after collect, let the bucket on the ground. The park covers an area of space is not large, are the benefits of bucket cylinder can recover all, avoid knock against. Every day can better check the hydraulic oil level before start working, can also is very good to prevent dipper teeth were stolen. Parking position two, parking mode is more common in excavator ferry transport. The forearm and bucket received within the limit, is the biggest characteristic of this park covers an area of space is minimal, easy to transport. This parking with force, oil cylinder oil seal and cylinder bare outside, so few people use on the site. But when transported in excavator, this is the most common way of parking. This park can maximum limit reduce the height and length of drivers, not ultra long after loading, convenient flat truck transport. Parking position three, parking is lower, bucket stretched to the limit, make all oil cylinder was contracting, advantage is that may well have played an important role in applying a cylinder. Especially in the rain and snow, it is recommended that you take this way to park, can better applying a cylinder. This way of parking cylinder was contracting, all is helpful for applying a cylinder, convenient also check the hydraulic oil before the second day's work. If it is rain and snow weather or near the site construction work such as shooting, recommend this downtime, can better protect drivers oil cylinder. If you catch up with the closed or dig the captain time doesn't work, so that can stop all bubble in the hydraulic oil, the oil cylinder greatly protect the life span of the cylinder. Excavator parking is easy to be ignored a maintenance link, once at the scene of the construction and municipal construction would often met randomly parked excavator, various postures, various forms, various postures parked for a long time can cause excavator with damage, however in excavator maintenance, parking is also a very important part of excavator, so to summarize this article hopes to be helpful for each owner and machinist.

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