Excavator parts: excavator operation seven points for attention

by:HMB     2021-01-14
Excavators in daily operation process, in addition to conventional digging work, face lifting, such as crushing, stone, brush slope complicated engineering tasks. The excavator parts according to the experience of the old drivers, seven points for attention are summarized, hope to be able to help you quickly grasp the purpose of operating skills, efficient finish all kinds of homework tasks.

lifting job excavator before lifting job, want to choose a flat and stable platform, ensure the excavator to heel. When hoisting working try to choose the special lifting device, choose high strength of the hook and rope; To fit the length of the wire rope, prevent excessive swing when the lifting items, difficult to control. When hoisting, excavator choose micro operation mode, ensure action is slow, construction personnel as far as possible away from lifting objects, prevent accidents.

broken homework excavator, before crushing, hammer to vertical in broken objects, when broken steel has been pressure on the gouge, broken after being broken should immediately stop the crushing operation, it is forbidden to empty. At one point last broken broken hammer shoulds not be more than a minute, when long broken broken should change a point to break. For hard object, should begin from the edge began to break. reminded, in the process of crushing, it is strictly prohibited to hammer when the chisel or use with a crowbar.

regarding the operation regarding the operation of excavator bucket and movable arm wear is the largest, so mining under the broken parts of the shovel to pick rocks appear when, according to the crack of the rock direction to adjust the Angle of the bucket, the bucket can be cut into the stone smoothly. For large rocks, should be broken to scoop mining operation, avoid to do the bucket gun hammer and lever to use.

loading operating excavators loading operation is divided into the ground loading, loading and low loading platform three conditions, excavator attachments argues that although different conditions have different operation method, but also have some skills in common. First of all, no matter what kind of posture, the load excavator are parked in a horizontal stable position, equipment and trucks to keep the proper distance. Should control the turning Angle when loading, still less as far as possible big arm, arm and bucket. In order to protect the safety of the dump truck, loading should be loaded first when the sand and gravel, stay car covered with a layer of sand and then placed boulders, as to reduce the impact of rocks on the trunk.

slope smooth operation when the slope surface is flat and level, first of all, find a good job for excavator platform available lime condition permits to excavator routes and the position of the slope edge line. To be patient when working, grasp the movable arm and arm action coordination, can control the speed of the trim out flat slope.

soft ground, the water homework excavator, when working in soft ground or water should be detected before the degree of soft soil, pay attention to the scope of mining shovel, prevent excessive body collapse. When in the water, the water should maintain in the sprocket center here. If the water is too high, the engine blade easily destroyed by water, electrical components and rotary support will also be damaged because of water.

excavator need long-distance walking walking homework, should try to collect all kinds of work units, maintain stability of the upper part of the equipment. Walk as far as possible to avoid obstacles in the process, a mound should always use the movable arm prop chassis, prevent body capsized. Walking uphill, should will drive wheels on the back, increase the adhesion touches the ground track. Walking downhill, should will drive wheels on the front, the above crawler tension, prevent runaway slip forward on your way down. If you need to stop on the slope, parking after insert the bucket on the ground, and put a stop below the crawler.

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