【 Excavator parts 】 Excavator maintenance, four-wheel area look here!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
For excavator maintenance work, the owner will more attention betting on hydraulic system or engine, the chassis parts excavator attachments not so seriously. Small make up today and we discussed the excavator four-wheel area maintenance points. Many teachers ignored the maintenance of chassis parts, broken new directly, also save time, save trouble but virtually excavator to change cost in! Actually the following chassis parts maintenance notice everybody ready, thousands of tens of thousands of dollars a year is not a problem at all. First: roller roller maintenance was accustomed to be full of clay impurities on old drivers, which appears to see a machinist in carefully clean up the dirt is a bit not used to! Actually in construction process, daily summer must avoid roller wading, bubble in soil, and so on and so forth, if can't avoid, also want to carefully clean up the dirt and gravel, etc. , after sputtering can prop up unilateral pedrail, then through the strength of the driving motor, to get rid of impurities. Although there is no to the winter, but is good to know in advance, winter between roller and shaft seal the most afraid of freezing, scratch, resulting in leakage, so it should be noted. Second: sprocket using simple speaking, chain wheel failure problem, so excavator crawler affirmation won't be a straight line, so the maintenance work of the sprocket, the most basic is to prevent oil spills. Basically hold sprocket leak can only change new directly, but a sprocket price isn't cheap, excavator accessories manufacturers recommendations usually pay more attention to the clean the cleanliness of the excavator X frame, clean up mud and sand in time, you will find that the service life of the chain wheel, effectively increase! Third: guide wheel use guide wheel in plain English in addition to using people will exist in the process of error operation habit or brute force operation, etc. , the frequency of the replacement is not high, but doesn't mean that it is not bad! So in the process of driving the excavator, ensure the guide wheel in the front can reduce more wear and tear, and when tight spring also can reduce the impact of the ground to reduce guide wheel wear. Fourth: using driving wheel driving wheel is directly fixed to the X on the shelf, it does not have shock absorption function, so walking downhill, cases such as when the drive wheels correct operation technique, can effectively reduce the drive tooth and caterpillar track wear and tear. Fifth: caterpillar using two crawler is equal to the man's shoes, so the appropriate adjust tightness is very important, especially we should according to the wetland, earth or crawler tension bearings of different working conditions, mining and other adjustment, so as to effectively increase the crawler life. Focusing on the mining construction, usually mine construction is one of the largest working condition of track abrasion, so in a timely manner after the sputtering clearing rubble work is a must, such as the foreign minister after walking time, be sure to check the crawler plate bending deformation degree, and bolt looseness whether there is a problem. If conditional word, can deserve to go up to the whole vehicle wear-resisting track pad, the effect is very obvious! Actually chassis parts is part and parcel of the whole vehicle, is also need your owner to give more attention to excavator parts, good habits of operation and proper maintenance method, can save more maintenance cost!

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