Excavator parts, engineering machinery equipment by global market favor!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

recently at the 2018 Paris international engineering machinery and technology exhibition, xugong, zoomlion, sany heavy industry such as more than 130 engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises in China and China team composed of excavator attachments enterprises, become the focus of the show a compelling. This is China construction machinery brand after Las Vegas engineering machinery exhibition in 2017, the second image to group at the international exhibition, to further promote the China engineering machinery brand in the world.

excavator parts small make up think Chinese independent brand construction machinery in the form of group at the international exhibition, is an important part of trading powers action plan, designed to strengthen brand construction of foreign trade, expand the independent brand exports, especially to a group of excellent engineering machinery brand to the world.

the independent brand construction of foreign trade is to foster new foreign trade competitive advantage strategy, is the important content of promoting the construction of trading powers. Mofcom actively implement trading powers a plan of action, promote the establishment of the brand export customs statistical system, building high quality Chinese goods exhibition brand outside the condition, strike the infringing counterfeit goods & other The wind & throughout; Action to support overseas marketing network construction, as well as encourage enterprises & other; Go out & throughout; Mergers and acquisitions of foreign brands, etc.

excavator attachments manufacturer notice, the Chinese government vigorously promote the construction of independent brands of foreign trade, to continue to increase their own brands overseas publicity, as & other; The silk road & throughout; Initiative in the construction of infrastructure interconnectivity hub of industry, construction machinery industry is the government's strong support and actively encourage, & other; Go out & throughout; With the accelerating pace.

China engineering machinery after decades of development, has formed a complete industrial chain, and emerged a group of companies with international influence and popularity.

gui-qing wang, vice chairman of China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce, said the market continues to grow at the same time, China's machinery industry in technological progress, etc have also made very good result. At present, China has built a complete engineering machinery production chain in the world, all excavator parts can be produced in China. At the same time, China's construction machinery industry has a very good openness and compatibility in the world. Global major construction machinery manufacturers are through mergers, joint ventures, wholly set up manufacturing base in China, many Chinese engineering machinery leading enterprises also have more manufacturing base in the world.

according to introducing, China engineering machinery equipment has been favored by the global market, exports continue to ascend. Exports in 2001 to 15. $600 million, by 2017 the figure had grown to $14. 6 billion. China's high-speed rail, highway, Bridges and other large-scale intensive construction of the project, also provide a huge market demand for engineering machinery, promoted the development of the domestic construction machinery manufacturing industry, China has become the world's large construction machinery market.

according to excavator attachments small make up to know, in 2017 China engineering machinery production volume of more than 550 billion yuan, the export of 201. 0. 5 billion dollars, up eighteen percent from a year earlier. 5, exports to a record.

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