【 Excavator parts 】 Drivers track maintenance guide

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Excavator can come and go freely in various environments, caterpillar is played, so must notice to maintain, in daily use today with excavator accessories manufacturers to get to know some maintenance issues. Caterpillar as a important part in the avoid, it let more excavator can adapt to working environment, but also bear the excavator guide wheel and driving wheel protection role, lead to the degree of wear and tear is bigger, some people replace long track some people, however, is very short, because of track maintenance, ordinary today we mainly to share how should pay attention to maintenance of track. Sundry should keep clear of 1, caterpillar, usually in the excavator is working, there will be some debris caught in crawler, such as soil, stones, weeds, plastic bags and so on, if not often cleaned up, the clutter is compressed with caterpillar's continuous rotation between the guide wheel, driving wheel and track, the track was constantly stretch. In the long term, caterpillar will due to withstand the tension fracture. If caterpillar is sundry fall into, leads to guide wheel, wheel were uncontrolled, the continuous track will be easy to fracture, four-wheel wear will greatly increase. 2, walking route selection: usually drivers work environment more for uneven ground, if the driver at random walk, do not pay attention to the road, or often walk on the way of more than 30 degrees slope, and make some looking at very cool driving skills, such as the bucket into the soil by the bucket arm contractility force power walking behavior will increase the wear and tear 'of the machine, this kind of behavior will make a certain part of the increased pressure on track, increased wear life of the track to reduce long before. 3, stop put incorrect ping: good put down, should be paid attention to when stop work should not be eager to park at work, in violation of the safety operation specification, especially in difficult to put on the tarmac, long-term stress non-uniform, excavator attachments caterpillar pulled more vulnerable to cracking. Remove above, still need to pay attention to don't skimp the butter. Only safety specification operation can lengthen the service life of the drivers.

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